Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're soooo close!

What a week it has been! We have been to Nashville, packed up our house, saw a few friends, closed on our Nashville house, drove all the way to Waco in Greta the Jetta who was all fixed up (after 2 flat tires and a dead battery...grrr!) our stuff made it to Waco, AND we closed on our new home here, but aren't staying in it quite yet. :(

Although an older home is full of charm & character, everything is just OLDER, even if it's been redone on the inside. :) So we've had a few bumps in the road, here are just a few things we've been dealing with in the past 3 days:
- gas leak in a pipe under the house...thus, no gas, thus NO HOT WATER!
- then, a water pipe broke UNDER the house, water leak, thus, NO WATER!
- leaky faucets
- broken tile in the kitchen floor
- ac thermostat not working (what??)
- hose that drains washing machine not flowing properly
- closet doors not opening (ha!)
- hanging rack in my closet breaking OFF DA WALL, thus all my clothes falling into a lovely pile on the floor! (seriously, i may have more clothes than i really need, but i don't have THAT MANY!!)
and personal favorite...
- when the heavy shower rod and curtain fell RIGHT ON MY HEAD as i was testing our the bath tub faucet...yep. Genny was there and saw it all happen, i think she thought she'd have to run me to the ER. It totally wigged me out for a bit, ha ha. I have a huge knot on my head to prove it. :)

whatevs, you get the just hasn't been super smooth move in. But it's all good!! We are sooooo grateful to have the home, and we haven't even slept in it yet, ahhhh! But i will say, Magnolia has taken care of the repairs as these were just unforeseen things that happen in older homes, they have been great to us.

So...soon i'll have pics, i promise. :) and hopefully, we'll be sleeping in it soon! It was so fun seeing our stuff that we hadn't seen in 7 months, Jackson has been just precious looking through all his toys etc...and i forgot how many dag 'gom pairs of shoes i have, ha!

THEN, yesterday i had my turbo kick boxing certification in the middle of the madness! When i signed up for this months ago, i had no idea i'd be moving during this weekend. So, of course, i stuck with it and am glad i did. Watch out people, don't mess with me or i'll front push kick yo' butt. ha ha. :) I also warned Josh to not touch anything while i was gone ALL DAY LONG...his way of unpacking is just way different than mine...he has no ryhme or reason...which was why my photo albums were all on a shelf today. i was like Josh, i will deal with the photo albums later. gotta get our clothes unpacked first my love muffin. :) ahhh, we've had all sorts of pretty fights lately...moving just brings out the very best in me!

hugs to you all...alot of major things are behind us! :)
To God be ALL the glory! Great things He hath done!