Friday, March 27, 2009

We sold our house!!

Yes, can you believe it??? God is so good!

After 6 months of being in Waco, the buyer we've been praying for has come!!

Living at my parents was not totally awful at all, but don't get me wrong, we'll be so excited to be in our own space. :)

For those of you who didn't know, we found a house here in Waco that is being redone by Magnolia homes and we're so excited bc we had to sell our house first in order to officially buy this one! It's off 43rd Street and is like 3 streets over from where we lived 3 years ago! Here is a rough pic...mind you, it's been gutted and they are pretty much starting stay tuned for updated pics once it's finished!

It's been so neat to see God's faithfulness and goodness to us. Thank you Father! We continue to pray over all the details as we prep to go up to Nashville, pack and move all our stuff here at the end of April.

To those who prayed so faithfully, thank you!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Potty Training Mania!!! (And Fun Birthdays too!)

Can i just say, i'm so excited that i feel Jackson is finally getting this potty training thing!!! :) We are not 110% there, but oh so close! We spent all weekend in our cool Spiderman undies, and had one poo poo accident. Which i am like, oh well, poo poo in the potty will come later i guess. Today he asked me if he could wear a diaper so he could go poo poo. I tried rushing him into the bathroom, but he just wouldn't do it, it was like he was scared to go poo poo in the potty, and he wanted to just go in his diaper.

Here he is with his handsome daddy...whom he happens to resemble A LOT!
Any advice here from mom's that have gone through this?
Does poo'ing on the potty come later?
Also, what have ya'll used as incentives for going on the potty? stickers? toys? need some good ideas bc i am afraid the orange tic tacs, and jelly beans are getting a little cavity-provoking. :)

I will say it has come about just like everyone encouraged me...when they are ready, you will know. He just woke up one day last week and said, "i don't wanna wear my diaper!" Hallelujah, bc i am sick and tired of buying those suckers!!

I just realized, i've used the word "poo poo" way too many times already on this short blog entry. POO POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also this weekend, we celebrated one of our Nashville bestie's birthday! Lil Emma turned 14 this week, and her and her fam were our "home away from home" in Nashville. In honor of her bday, Jackson wanted to bake Emma a cake. So, we did cupcakes instead. Here is Jackson helping me make the "fun betty" cupcakes, ha ha. :)

He was not being very generous with the sprinkles!

Singing to Emma....can you hear me????

He is mad right here b/c it fell apart. :)

We also had a fun birthday party for one of our cutest Waco buds, AnnMarie! She had a princess bouncy house at her party, although there was a lot of pink, Jackson jumped away and had a ball! Happy Birthday AnnMarie, we love ya! She also had funfetti cupcakes...yum, our faves.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin McCarley comes to Waco

So last night, we had the privilege of getting to hear our good ole Baylor friend, and Phi Phi sista, the arising superstar musician, Erin McCarley, live in Waco at Common Grounds! what a fun night it was! She is on tour with "Ten out of Tenn" which is a group of 10 musicians from Nashville and they are all incredible, i highly recommend you go see their show if they are in a city near you.

Here she is jammin out...although, it's not a great pic obviously. Well, it's a good pic of the gal's hair in front of us. :)
Erin's music has been on Grey's Anatomy, and is in the movie "She's just not that into you" and she also has appeared on Letterman. So proud of her, knew she'd make it big someday!

One of my besties, Lacey, was in town and we just hung at Common Grounds, caught up, had yummy coffee, and heard great live music. We felt so cool and young again, ha ha. :)

We also got to catch up with other great pi phi sistas who were there, Emily Mills, Amy Freeman, Sarah Rogers, it was a great lil reunion!
Here we are with Erin...and her short lil mini skirt she sported so well....ahhh, to be famous. :) HA!!
Lac, thanks for coming with me and for that great time to catch up.
And yum, i had the best CG St. Patty's coffee drink, it had a mint swirl in it...mmmm. :) Can you tell that CG is just one of my all time faves?? AHHH!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rainy Gloomy Spring Break...but thank goodness for playdates!

Gosh, i have been so bad about posting a new blog entry lately! Things have been so busy i feel like, but i really don't know what's keeping me so busy!!! ahhh!

Anyway, the weather in central texas has been SO SO blah these past 2 days...rainy, cold, and dreary. Thankfully, a sweet lil boy in Jackson's class, Izak, and Jackson have had a playdate a couple of times this week since there is no MDO due to Spring Break. It has been such a lifesaver this week! They play so good together, and it's so good for Jackson to have a lil playmate and sweet friend that he just adores. :) Here they are playing candyland together today. hee hee.their conversations just crack me up - they are too cute!

My parents and sis are in FL enjoying their Spring Break in the sun...and they left their 2 dogs to my the house has kinda been a zoo. But seriously, how can you NOT love this face? ahhh, when she's calm, she's a sweetie, but when she's out people!

And oh yes - time to talk American Idol:
I am thrilled with the remaining contestants!! Jorge and Jasmine...sorry, but you just didn't have it going on!!! Although you could both sing, you just didn't step it up. Oh, and it's fun seeing the josh resemblance in Michael Sarver...although, the more i watch him now, the more i am like...hmmm, maybe he doesn't look like Josh as much i orginally thought he did. hee hee!
My predictions for the final 3: Adam, Danny & Lil 'em all!