Thursday, September 30, 2010

75 days later...

i know.

it has literally been forever since i blogged. and to be exact, it's been 75 days. i really don't know what got into me, but i just haven't had the "umph" to blog. And, as you bloggers know, it takes time to reflect your thoughts, and energy to be creative, and quite honestly, i just didn't have it in me.

Until recently, i just kinda "missed" it, and more importantly, what keeps me wanting to blog is that eventually, i wanna print these blog entries into a book, bc really, this is all the "baby book" kind of thing my kids are gonna get!! ha!

So, this is my meager attempt at catching everyone up on the last 75 days!!

Bennett is getting so big and crawls all over the place and is pulling up! Such a big boy - walking is not far away at ALL! he mumbles da da, ba ba, blah blah, and every once in a while, ma ma. :) He is...big. :) he is in 12 month clothes for the most part, a few 18 month things (yes!)...some 9 month, but the 9 month stuff is short on him. ha! we go to the dr later this month and i'll be interested to see how much he weighs now. seriously, my back has been hurting lately, and josh was like, sally, it's prolly from carting bennett around all over the place! Regardless of his adorable chunkness, he is such a sweetheart, and loves his blankie and paci...just like Jackson did! :)

Jackson started preschool and ahhhh! it such a big(ger) boy!! He loves his preschool class at Columbus and we've been thrilled with the program there and the teachers and that it's so close and easy for Josh to help me with the pickup and/or drop off! Bennett also goes to MDO there 2 days a week, so you'd think i'd had time to get back to blogging sooner than this but ahhh, have had other random stuff i've wanted to do instead. :)

Come on!! No smile??? geesh!

Jackson is also playing soccer! His team, the "sharks" are so stinkin cute to watch! Josh is helping coach and it has been so fun for them to do together. I am so proud watching from the sidelines!!! is this what it's like?? watching your kid play sports??? ahhh, here we go. i am officially, a "soccer mom" without the minivan...although i wouldn't mind one. they are so cool now!!! dual dvd players??? ahhh, sounds dreamy.

and this is classic, jackson brought this home from school today. I have had mixed emotions about josh and him playing video games, but i am over it. they are clean, innocent games on the PS3 and they kill some great time - and he loves it! ha!

What else is going on with us?
Labor Day weekend I went to NJ for a sweet HS friend's wedding. and i went ALL.BY.MYSELF. ahhh, it was soooo nice! huge shout out to mom & dad, and josh who held the fort down here at home so i can go and have fun. thank you thank you! (and thanks Nic for the fun frock you let me have - love you!!!) Keri (not pictured but totally SHOULD BE) was one of the most gorgeous brides i have seen! Love all you NJ gals!! Friends foreva!!!

and OH YEAH! :) i am also training for the San Antonio half marathon. i know, it sounds hilarious that i would be running anything, but my dad and sister talked me into it. :) I have been running more than i ever have, and doing these ridiculously long runs to prepare, and it's been pretty fun. Josh has been running with me sometimes and it's been fun to do together. The half is Nov. 14th...i am sure i'll be blogging more about it bc i feel like the training schedule has consumed a lot of my time and energy lately!!! but, i actually am enjoying it! need to do a 7 mile run this weekend, ahhh! Lord help me!! i do miss my turbo kick tho...i have had to put it on the back burner bc i just don't have the energy for running and doing that intensely crazy workout. i miss it!!!!

oh, and since i haven't done this in a long time...

things i am totally into right now:
- Modern Family & Glee
- Running gear - socks, leggings, visors, belts - ha ha, don't know how long this will last but... :)
- Pumpkin spice latte at's back and it's delicious!!!!!! thanks for my special treat this week mom!
- Raisin Bran Crunch
- This amazingly COOL weather - yay!! who wants to meet up at the park??

things i am NOT into:
- Laundry - seriously??? how the heck do we have so much laundry in this casa?
-Special K protein shakes - YUCKKKKK!!! was totally on a kick with these but cannot handle them anymore. have some leftover...anyone want them?? blech
-Cleaning up my very sloppy, nasty 9 month old after he eats. Not only cleaning him, but the slippery floor and disgusting high chair. thank goodness he's so cute!!!

School and fall activities are in full swing and it's just busy around here, but it is my favorite time of year!
More soon, (hopefully!)