Thursday, February 19, 2009

AI fans...what do you think?

So tell me, who does this American Idol contestant look like?OK, so in this pic he looks a little greasy...what about this one? Does it look like someone i sleep with at night?? HA HA HA!

Yes, so Michael Sarver survived week one of the live auditions, and i must say, he resembles my beloved hubby so much!!! I am not crazy right? doesn't he look like Josh at times?

I am also pumped that Danny Gokey is moving forward too...what a stud. All the single ladies??? they'll be lining up for him fo'sho!

Idol is going to be great this season! Although, have to admit, sad to lose Anoop and cute hair gal, Casey Carlson. :(

Monday, February 16, 2009

The long awaited UGGs!

So i keep forgetting to post pics of me and my new uggs! can i just say they are awesome and were totally worth the precious moola. :)

The day i got them, Jackson also insisted on wearing his boots, which was hilarious and so random b/c he rarely wears his boots. Here is my very amateur attempt at taking a picture of both of us in our nobody was home to help me with the picture taking, so of course, these pics are quite awkward. HA HA!

ok, this is classic...look at those knobby Jackson knees and lil it!

And then, he had to wear my boots b/c he said they are so soft inside! he goes....and they are totally on the wrong feet...AHH! Of course, Daisy had to be in the pic too, she follows us everywhere. She likes my boots too. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Party at Playgroup

Today we had a super fun Valentine's Party at Playgroup. Thank you Kathryn for opening up your home to us!

Hee hee, check out the kiddos towards the end...they were pooped. Especially Cody...he didn't want to look at the camera. Oh, and lil Karoline was at the potty so she missed this photo.

It was a fun morning! Mommy has been enjoying the goodies Jackson got in his lil Valentines bag!! :)

Here's Jackson running all of the Horner's house - ahh!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun weekend in Dallas

We "got away" to the big D this weekend and saw some fun friends and hung with Aunt Kiki.

here is Jackson, Josh, and Aunt Kiki being loved on by her dog Miga the best Aunt eva!!

Here is Jackson and Will Liggitt...future Baylor roomies??

Here i am with Anna Lee Liggitt...she is seriously the SWEETEST honey! loved getting to see her and ahh, i got a bug for a little girl!

Me with Mel and Jaime - so great seing you are wonderful moms and amazing friends, love ya!

Carson Darby...Mel's 5 month old...ok, so then being with him made me think...hmmm, a sweet honey of a boy wouldn't be too bad either someday. :) He is the best baby ever...giggled and smiled the entire time, and it was supposedly around his naptime!! gotta love it!

and then my valentine and i had some great time to just talk, catch up, and laugh a lot. Here we are at cheesecake of our all time faves. Thank you aunt Kiki for your wonderful babysitting skills! So sorry you had the nasty diaper to deal with....we owe ya!

p.s. wanna send a shout out of CONGRATS to my cousin Lauren who got engaged this weekend!!! So excited for you both and we are pumped for Joseph to join the crazy family! ha ha!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

somebody's sneaky

So today i left the room for like 2 minutes and i come back to see Jackson had climbed up my in my brother's loft bed and was sitting on top like he was super cool and it was no big deal! we had a talk that this was very dangerous and he cannot be up there unless i am in the room. The lil guy is fast and very very snnnneakkky. :)