Saturday, November 28, 2009

So much to be thankful for!

Thanksgiving has come and gone...i can't believe it!

Josh's parents and sister came to Texas and it was a great time of relaxation and time with family! We seriously watched SO MANY MOVIES!! It was fabulous!

(I decided to list them because i too am curious as to exactly how many we actually watched!)
The Proposal
Couples Retreat
Big Mama's House 2 (randomly on tv)
Fool's Gold
New In Town
Star Trek (not my fave)
Angels and Demons (also not my fave - ha ha)
17 Again
The Santa Clause

i feel like i am leaving a few out...but can't recall them right now. SERIOUSLY!! We maxed and relaxed huh?? :) gotta love lazy holidays to stop and just rest!

On Thursday we went to Goldthwaite and spent the day with Josh's mom's family, and then Friday was the big Crosby family thanksgiving. Josh had the great idea to host this year at our church's facility, which used to be an old YMCA - and it was perfect! Over 100 Crosby's came in and hung out and played cards and games, they all sang and shared the mic (they are like all musicians!) ate yummy food (grandma's rolls - AHHH! BAKED SIN!) and we had the indoor pool, basketball courts, and 3 inflatables for the was a long day, but SUPER fun! Here is a pic of Jackson and his cousin Simon who spent the entire day on the inflatables jumping...needless to say they slept really good last night! What a great thanksgiving week! My christmas decor is already up, my christmas shopping is done, now we just wait for baby! Oh, and work on Christmas cards! :)

Quick pregnancy update: i had my 34 week checkup last Monday and got "checked" by my doctor since he were doing the lovely Group B strep test, and I am at a 1, and 75% effaced! I do realize this may not mean a darn thing and i could be this way for many weeks, but it was reality that baby is indeed prepping for it's grand entrance! :)

Also, my sis in law Rebekah and I were obsessed with doing all these old wives tales to figure out what we are having, (she too is expecting and is almost 10 weeks.) We knew that they aren't super accurate or anything, but all are saying BOY for me....ahhh! We shall see how valid those are soon enough. :)
Until next time....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Officially NESTING!

So i think i am officially "nesting." This mama is counting down her weeks till baby arrives and has a long list of things I want to do before he/she comes!! AND, if he/she is early at all, it's Christmas! So, we were wanting to make a quick trip to Dallas to see friends, which we did last week - very fun! I was very OCD and for no reason (this wasn't on my list!) cleaned out my makeup drawer and the fridge in one day...they were both spotless and it made me feel so good = NESTING!!! We are prepping the nursery and did some major work in the garage and pulled out baby storage containers with baby clothes and toys...ahhh! got me so excited! We've cleaned the infant car seat and high chair (thanks mom!) and have done a load of newborn onesies, blankets etc...AND, we've gotten our house ready for Christmas! I know I know, many of you are most likely rolling your eyes, but honestly, it's been so fun! We love Christmas and can enjoy it longer. :) Whether it's practical or not, it's made me feel better to have things sorta ready....just in case. :) we still have lots to do, but it will get done. :) And who am i kidding? this baby is not coming early! Just like Jackson, it'll prolly be cookin' right up until my due date after New Year's. Of course!!! :)

Here is Jackson before school one day, couldn't help it, thought he looked like such a big brother!

He found the infant tub and likes it as a recliner in front of the television. :)

As we were going through our christmas decor, he got comfy under the christmas tree skirt. hee hee...
And here he is one morning he got up too early, and Josh and I were sitting around, drinking coffee wakind up, and reading and he had to get out his Bible he is deep in thought. Maybe praying too huh?? who knows! :)

Overall, we're getting super excited for Baby Crosby's upcoming arrival! And getting many things crossed off our LONG list. :)
The Crosby's come in for thankgiving next week. Cannot believe Thanksgiving is already here - ahhh! More soon...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Better late than never...Lauren's wedding!

My sweet cousin got married October 17th, in Lexington, KY...I am embarrassed that this post is so late, because this weekend was so amazing and special for our entire family! I have just been collecting SO MANY pics, so i've had to pick and choose which ones i want to post. :)

My cousin Lauren is like another sister to me & Kari, and another daughter to my mom & dad, so this truly was a big, fun affair, as our extended family truly knows how to throw a party!

Here is mom, Kari and I at Lauren's bridal luncheon...disclosure: Kari hates her hair in this pic, i must share that bc i know she'll be mad at me for posting it, ha ha. :) And yes, it wasn't incredibly desirable to be 7 months pregnant for these wedding festivities, but what can ya do?

Here are the cousins: Jordan, Kari, Lauren (the bride) and me. I have only like 5 first cousins, vs. Josh's 100 first cousins...for REAL! so, we grew up being together for all holidays we're pretty tight bc we're all we had!

My Jackson had a vital role as the ring bearer for the wedding, so he was present for all the events. Here we are heading to the rehearsal BIG does my baby look? And I feel so biased, but my boys are just too good looking. :)

Another fun bonus of the weekend was the time my sister Kari and I had together...we were both bridesmaids and realized we had never really been in a wedding before, since mine anyway. we were BAD, ha ha, and had all kinds of fun being slightly outsiders, not knowing everyone else, since the other bridesmaids were Lauren'sItalic HS and college friends. Lots of inside jokes, and just plain ole fun together! We even held hands! (HA! Sorry Kari, had to throw that in. Love when you enjoy that champagne!)
Here Kari and I are about to load the double decker bus taking us to the church....i swear, that bus smelled of gasoline so bad and we were going like 15 mph and couldn't stop laughing the entire way to the church...we were SO grateful to get there and get OUT! ha ha...

Here is my dapper lil guy coming down the aisle with his new buddy Landon...he did SO good, i was so proud. Landon was quite a live wire and didn't listen very well, so he made my Jackson look like an ANGEL!!! And thankfully, mom, dad & Josh made it to the church in time after losing jackson's tux pants...ahhh, that's a story for another time. But it all worked out, that's all that matters. :)

Kari and her handsome beau, Mike - how cute are they?? they are so happy and giddy together, we had so much fun getting to know him better! He was brave to meet all the extended fam.

Lauren and Joseph leaving the church...we love you Joseph, welcome to the fam!

After Jackson took a quick siesta in the car on the way to the reception, he was all smiles with Mike, whom he LOVES!

Beautiful cousins...
He shortly got very bored and so what else did we do? Hand over the iphone...which he spent much of the reception playing on.

We FINALLY got him on the dance floor!
Jack with Dad and Mike..oh yeah, Jackson was gradually shedding his tux in pieces - classic!
ok...this pic reflects how mama has had it! thankfully the reception was at the hotel we were staying at!! We just went upstairs a little earlier than others. this mama was ready to get outta my snug dress too!

Overall it was a beautiful, joyous time with family.
Lauren's story is so neat, and is a true testimony to God being such a part of bringing two people together. God was glorified and wonderful memories were made. What else can you ask for?!?!
Until next time,

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Halloween is just so fun!!!
We had a great week filled with fun school parties, carving pumpkins, trick or treating, and our church's annual Halloween alternative party, Harvest Hoedown!

I think these pics are self explanatory!!!

Here we are before our MDO-school party - how big does he look?? AHHH!

Here is a comparison to just 3 short years ago when we took Jackson to the pumkin patch when he was 10 months old...gah, i stumbled upon these pics and got sappy!!

He was Winnie the Pooh that first Halloween, hee hee.

Ok, now that i have collected myself from the nostalgic flashback of my baby and big he's getting, back to the present!
Here we are carving pumpkins with Daddy....The final products...Josh literally carved out Jackson's actual drawing on one of them...hence the HUMONGOUS uneven eyes...hee hee. :)

Here we are all dressed up as a football player to go trick or treating with some friends as Reggie Bush, from the New Orleans Saints...and yes, that is a baseball helmet, not a football helmet i've been informed. Who knew?? They all look the same to me, but i got grief for that all evening long! :)

After stopping by Grammy & Dubs' house for a quick trick or treat there, we headed off to trick or treat with some church friends, and Jackson was such a tootie and we were never able to get a group shot of ALL the kids together, but here are Kendra and I, both about 30 weeks pregnant, and due a week apart. Gotta love the prego-ness pics!

After we quickly we hit up some houses around their neighborhood, we headed off to church for their annual Harvest Hoedown, and Jackson had a BALL, and was all over the place, and had changed football jersies...he is now Robert Griffin, thanks Kimbo for letting us borrow that. :) He was tickled!

And then here we are with our 2 favorite babysitters: Katy & Hannah. They were in our Nashville youth group and are now at Baylor - we LOVE these girls, they are so precious to us and to Jackson this pic of them!

Whew...what a BUSY & FUN weekend we had!
And ahh, I cannot believe it's November...time to kick it into gear and prep for this upcoming babe! About 9 weeks to go....ahhh. :)

More soon...Sally