Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Halloween is just so fun!!!
We had a great week filled with fun school parties, carving pumpkins, trick or treating, and our church's annual Halloween alternative party, Harvest Hoedown!

I think these pics are self explanatory!!!

Here we are before our MDO-school party - how big does he look?? AHHH!

Here is a comparison to just 3 short years ago when we took Jackson to the pumkin patch when he was 10 months old...gah, i stumbled upon these pics and got sappy!!

He was Winnie the Pooh that first Halloween, hee hee.

Ok, now that i have collected myself from the nostalgic flashback of my baby and big he's getting, back to the present!
Here we are carving pumpkins with Daddy....The final products...Josh literally carved out Jackson's actual drawing on one of them...hence the HUMONGOUS uneven eyes...hee hee. :)

Here we are all dressed up as a football player to go trick or treating with some friends as Reggie Bush, from the New Orleans Saints...and yes, that is a baseball helmet, not a football helmet i've been informed. Who knew?? They all look the same to me, but i got grief for that all evening long! :)

After stopping by Grammy & Dubs' house for a quick trick or treat there, we headed off to trick or treat with some church friends, and Jackson was such a tootie and we were never able to get a group shot of ALL the kids together, but here are Kendra and I, both about 30 weeks pregnant, and due a week apart. Gotta love the prego-ness pics!

After we quickly we hit up some houses around their neighborhood, we headed off to church for their annual Harvest Hoedown, and Jackson had a BALL, and was all over the place, and had changed football jersies...he is now Robert Griffin, thanks Kimbo for letting us borrow that. :) He was tickled!

And then here we are with our 2 favorite babysitters: Katy & Hannah. They were in our Nashville youth group and are now at Baylor - we LOVE these girls, they are so precious to us and to Jackson this pic of them!

Whew...what a BUSY & FUN weekend we had!
And ahh, I cannot believe it's November...time to kick it into gear and prep for this upcoming babe! About 9 weeks to go....ahhh. :)

More soon...Sally


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

SOOOO PRECIOUS!!! i loved looking at those old pictures from his first halloween! he still has the same exact facial expression, though, when he smiles! it is so neat to think they look like themselves already at that age! can't wait to meet this new little bundle and see has he/she looks like!

angie said...

HA! The baseball helmet is hysterical. I love baby Jackson:-). Looks like a very fun week.

Kimberly said...

I am so glad he was happy as Robert Griffin! He made a mighty cute one & those pics from his first halloween- too cute!

Rebekah said...

PRECIOUS! Jack buddy and his momma! LOVE ya'll! Oh my word, his first halloween pics are presh!