Friday, September 26, 2008

Starting Part 1 of the move...

We are starting Part 1 of our journey to Texas today!

We head to Hattiesburg, MS on our way to Waco with a car load of stuff. :) We'll be staying with Josh's sister Rachel, and her family and it'll be a fun lil reunion with them as we pass through - it's been a while since we've seen them and it's always so fun for Jackson to get time with his cousins.

Saturday we'll drive on to Waco, Sunday I'll fly back to Nashville.

Should be fun...i'll be in touch soon!

Pray for safe travel and good, for me mainly. I've been pretty stressed and a barrel of fun to be around for poor Josh - ha ha! :)

We're getting there - step by step.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

how cool is this?

Josh's incredible team of youthworkers had a farewell gathering for us, and check out this gift that Lacy did for Josh. Lacy is an amazing graphic artist and did the church website, and she compiled thousands of picture to make this gift!!

this is what it looks like far away, it's the Student Ministry logo at FBC:

as you get closer, you can see the pics she compiled to create that image: it's unbelievable!!

Thanks so much Lacy - this is so special and we love you! we're going to miss you AND all your talent!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Movin' to Texas!

Ahhh yes, it's truly bittersweet.

We're saying goodbye to 2 1/2 wonderful years in Nashville, TN, serving at an awesome church with whom we call family at First Baptist Nashville.

We're heading to a city we know and we love, filled with family and friends we know and love: Waco, TX at Columbus Ave. Baptist Church.

To say the past few weeks have been tough has been an understatement. The month of September has truly been a blur filled with such range in emotions, from joy to sadness, from excitement and anticipation, to grief of another chapter in our lives coming to an end.

Josh and I both have moved many times growing up - and yet this still doesn't make things any easier.

If I could get our youth kids and church family to truly hear my heart right now, it is that we love them so much, and are truly going to miss them. The ministry we've had at FBC Nashville as been such a growing experience for Josh and I, and such a journey filled with being humbled seeing God at work - it's incredible.

This Friday, Josh, Jackson and I will load up the car, and drive to Waco, trying to
remember all pack stuff to get us through 1 month, or 6 months - we don't know!
I will fly back to Nashville on Sunday and finish out what i've been planning at work for almost 8 months now - this Presidential Debate happening at Belmont on Oct. 7th!! Lord help us all - we're almost there and I couldn't be happier and am ready to get that over with! :)

Once that is complete, I'll join Josh and Jackson soon after in Waco, where we'll stay at my parents until we sell our house here, and find one there. (Thanks mom and dad - ya'll are incredible!)

This week is a big week as we have various farewell gatherings, and finish up some major house projects so we can put it on the market next week.

Thank you all for your love and support in being there for me as i feel like i've been all over the place lately, and am just trying to keep it all together. Can i just say, i hate moving! gah!

Jackson keeps asking "mommy, when we goin to tessus?"
Next week, i tell him, with feelings of sadness, yet excitement.
I can believe it's actually happening, but we are indeed coming to week!

hugs to you all!