Friday, September 26, 2008

Starting Part 1 of the move...

We are starting Part 1 of our journey to Texas today!

We head to Hattiesburg, MS on our way to Waco with a car load of stuff. :) We'll be staying with Josh's sister Rachel, and her family and it'll be a fun lil reunion with them as we pass through - it's been a while since we've seen them and it's always so fun for Jackson to get time with his cousins.

Saturday we'll drive on to Waco, Sunday I'll fly back to Nashville.

Should be fun...i'll be in touch soon!

Pray for safe travel and good, for me mainly. I've been pretty stressed and a barrel of fun to be around for poor Josh - ha ha! :)

We're getting there - step by step.


Nicki W. said...

sal!! how fun to know you blog--me too :) i cannot wait for you to be back in waco--you are going to love it and everyone is SO excited you are coming back! hey, you can come to my turbokick classes now!!