Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Fabulous???

I've been tagged! I am not super sure what it means, but thanks Katy girl!! :)

Here are the rules: share five things you're obsessed with and then pass the award on to the five most fabulous blogs you know. So...here goes. :)

1. I too, along with many people in this world, am obessed with my iphone. :) I seriously did NOT want one, nor feel like i needed a fancy phone, since i was perfectly content with my dinky lil flip phone. But, since Josh assured me there was this "great deal" when he got his ($100 of a 2nd or something like that, i can't even remember!) i got one too and haven't put it down ever since!! He loves to remind me about how i kept saying, no no, i don't need or want one!
My mom even laughs saying Josh, my dad, and I are always checking our phones, playing with them, looking at them...whatever! And I must say, it has come quite in handy for cranky or impatient moments with Jackson too. He loves playing the games i have on there, and Josh even has some flashcard type game on his, and i must admit - you can get some pretty neat educational apps!! All in all - love my iphone!!!

2. I am obessed with getting a deal. I love finding expenses finds at greatly reduced prices. Whether it be Ebay, Marshall's, TJMaxx, Wal-Mart or Family Dollar!!! In addition, i have signed up to all kinds of restaurants and stores online just to get some "good deal" coupons throughout the year. Since i just recently had my bday, i got special bday emails from many of these places!!! In the last 2 weeks i have gotten: a free medium drink at sonic, a free ice cream at Cold Stone (yeah baby - perfect for this prego!), a free dessert at On the Border, and a free meal at Souper Salad. Sadly, i wasn't able to use some of them bc they were some of my favorite Nashville places, but oh well.
i know, i am a dork, but i am a SUCKER for these kind of deals and will go out of my way to use them. Just like their marketing folks want me to!

3. I am obsessed with my agenda/planner. Next to my phone, i pretty much have it with me and have it open off and on all day. I literally write down some of the most menial "tasks" to do for that day, and MUST cross them off my list before i lay down to go to bed that day. If I am headed to bed, and check and see that something hasn't been crossed off, i will most like try and take care of it before calling it a day JUST SO i can cross it off my list. Anal...OCD...call it what you want, but it's annoying. :)

4. My 1st morning coffee: obsessed! Get outta my way until i've had my morning cup...i am not fully awake, functioning or friendly until i've consumed my perfectly blended coffee with my perfect dose of creamer and 1 spenda. The timer is set the night before to avoid such a tragedy of not having it piping hot as I roll outta bed in the morning. The saddest thing about being so sicky at the beginning of this pregnancy was that i didn't even feel like coffee in the morning. The smell, the taste - ugh, make me sick and thus, i was dragging all day due to my lack of caffeine. Thankfully that went away when i started feeling like my old self. :)
Even if it's not first thing in the morning, there is nothing better than a good ole cup of joe from Common Grounds (another slight obession!) or Starbucks.

5. This was hard to pick one more...so i'll quickly choose: Turbo Kickboxing!! Although to look at my fluffy pregnant self now, you'd never know, but this workout puts the F-U-N back in exercise for me! I can't wait to get back into it after baby and get this bootie back in shape!
* Here are a few more minor things that i am obessed with, but just didn't have room in only picking five things: School of Rock, The Office, American Idol, hanging out and getting deep with my bestest gals, seeing youth get fired up for Christ, a delish dessert, a yummy glass of wine, and last but not least....my sweetheart son - Jackson!

Thank you Katy for thinking my blog is fabulous! I think yours is as well!!
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3. Rebekah
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5. Kimberly
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Monday, October 26, 2009

BU Homecoming 2009!

It was so fun to be living back in Waco for this fun weekend with family and friends!

The weekend started with a visit to daddy's fraternity alumni float - which was a big deal for these good ole boys back in college. KOT always spent hours on their float, most likely to win the coveted Judge's Award, or 1st Place bragging rights. This year's theme was Jungle Book.

Some of our good buddies were there too and we got this fun pic of past and maybe future KOTs! :)
(Thanks for taking this pic Nicki!)

The weather was seriously PICTURE PERFECT this year and we ventured out early Saturday for the parade and Jackson had a blast collecting his breakfast: CANDY!! ha ha!
Uncle Ben's car was also featured in the parade! We were impressed that he got up at the buttcrack and actually put on a dress shirt to drive this featured Outstanding Young Alumni - go Big B!!! it was neat seeing sweet Lady or Joy (or whatever their names are!) just a-walkin down the street! Only at Baylor!!
Sweet mom and pops. Mom - sad yo' eyes are closed!!
After the sad football game (oh well!!! next year is our year right??!!?) we headed to the Horner's annual HC party...a fun tradition where they host a great lil Baylor reunion at their house for people to drop in and say HI...they are always so generous and sweet to open their home with yummy food and this year: Dr. Pepper floats! The kids loved them! Thank you, as always Horner's! We had so much fun! Here is Jackson, Creighton and Tristan enjoying their snackies...

(Thanks Kimberly for capturing these great shots!)
The kids chasing and tackling Brent - ha! he was a great sport!
Then Sunday, some Nashville friends were in town for HC visiting their Baylor freshman, it was great seeing them at church and grabbing lunch afterwards. We love and miss you all!
All in all, it was such a fun filled weekend with beautiful weather!!!

Oh, and quick pregnancy update: I thankfully passed my second round of testing for gestational diabetes! woo hoo! Bring on the Halloween candy!!! :) I am 30 weeks this week - AHHH! 10 more weeks to go - that is crazyness!!
More soon!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thirty one isn't as fun :)

hee hee...although i had a GREAT birthday, 31 just isn't as exciting as turning 30. Is this what it feels like to get OLD?? :)

My bday started with fun dinner with some good girlfriends...thank you all for coming!! And hee hee, next time we go to Cricket's we won't be asking for the same waiter we had...let's just say he was awfully strange, slow and clueless...wasn't he ladies?? hee hee...we still had a ball tho, thanks to you all for helping me ring in my 31st year!

We also celebrated with my sweet family and my mom made her famous homemade cake...that tastes waaaay better than it looks - and not that it looks bad!! :) It is such a gift to live in the same city as my family and get to be together for these kinds of fun celebrations!! Here Jackson is helping me...don't think i'll be blowing candles out by myself for a long time since he loves to assist with that task. :)

Enjoying our last few months before our family of 3 grows...

Thanks to everyone who helped make my day so special! I felt so blessed!

(Robert Griffin III was even there at the restaurant to help celebrate...thanks RG3!! Of course, Jackson had to get his pic taken with Robert!)
Amoungst many fun bday "happies," I am diggin the new Michael Buble CD from Josh, and the "rub back" from Jackson.
I just love birthdays!!! Here's to another year - cheers!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October is flying by already!

So i haven't been super good at updates lately. I can't believe it's mid October already!
Here are some fun happenings with us lately:

Last week, i headed out to a lil girls dinner with some of my besties here in Waco for a long awaited time to just catch up - we haven't been able to find a time to get together in so long. Well, they totally surprised me and celebrated my bday a lil early!! We went to George's and ahhh, love that place. Per my sister's strong suggestion, I had some fried pickles there for the first time and OMG - they are amazing! You were so right Kari!

My bday isn't till next week, and ahhh, it's the big 3-1. yikes...i actually feel older this year. I don't know why, but i do. Maybe it's carrying around the bowling ball in my belly right now.Thanks Genny, Mel and Kristi - you totally got me and that cake with all the reece's cups was perrrrrfect for me. :) my fave!! Sorry we all didn't get a pic together...i didn't have my camera and all I had was my phone, so the quality wasn't too great.
Also Josh's parents were in town this past weekend. Nina and Papa are official owners of Papaw's old farm land in the good ole country of texas. :) someday, down the road, they hope to live there and have all kinds of fun farm animals etc...until then, the grandkids just hafta wait.
While Nina and Papa were here, Jackson was showing off his puzzle skills....
One of the many games we played, due to the rainy weather, is what Jackson calls "Banopoly." For some reason, the Crosby men can play this game for hours and actually enjoy it...i don't fully get it. Here are Josh, Jackson and Papa at the beginning of the game....Jackson has now become slightly obessessed with $100 bills...don't know if that is really ok. :)Here they are...hours later!! notice all the hotels/houses. they are crazy. Jackson had to turn in and go to bed of course.Another one of Jackson's new favorite past times is pushing around the double stroller that we got a little early bc it was on sale for such a great price!! It has a sit and stand option for Jackson since he's obviously not so small anymore. I cannot wait to use it! Jackson likes to put his stuffed animals (in the bottom basket) and push them around the house.

Quick pregnancy update: had my 28 week checkup a few days ago, (ahh, i am 7 months!) and thankfully all looks good!!! Except the fact that i FAILED the first gestational diabetes test!! grrr, so bitter that i have to go back and do the stupid 3 hour long bloodwork at the lab. please save any good mags you have so I have sometime to look at while i am freakin there ALL MORNING soon. gah. I failed the first one with Jackson too, and then passed the 2nd long one...but at the time i worked at Providence and the lab was done the hall and all i had to do was just run down to the lab once an hour every 3 hours...sooo much more convenient. :)
And the babe must be growing strong bc i gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks too... :) I am blaming all that weight on the babe, not all the fun Halloween candy in the house.. hee hee.
We are off to my sweet cousin's wedding tomorrow - should be a great family weekend and reunion!! Pics to come soon of my lil ring bearer...and maybe one of this prego stuffed into her lovely black bridesmaid dress. ahhh...hoping it still zips. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This 'n that...

So i haven't been good on updates, so i am culminating a bunch of fun things we've been up to lately!

Creighton came over to play one day last week and Jackson and him were just crackin me up!! Creighton has become one of Jackson's favorite buddies from church and they like to play "Baylor football" together and yell, "i'm Robert Griffin"...hilarious! :)
One day this week i should have known things were all too quiet when i couldn't find Jackson while i was getting ready one morning. I find him "washing his legs" in the sink in his bathroom with all his clothes off, except his drawers - RANDOM!! there was water and soap everywhere, but i guess it could've been MUCH worse. :)

Then, Friday night our supper club met and we had a great time. It was our turn to host and i envisioned us having this lovely campfire and roasting s'mores for dessert, and hee hee, it turned out a little differently, but was still super fun! it felt like fall and it was actually chilly outside - love fall weather!!

Here Jackson and Parker are being total boys...

here is our sad lil fire...but it ended up getting bigger and better!! the s'mores were still delish!
Baby Ainsley joined us too for her 1st supper club...she slept the whole time, but she had a ball too! She is only 2 weeks old and is so super sweet...maybe baby crosby #2 can join her in the sistahood of supper club babies! we'll see....
Here is some of us...once again, we forgot to take the pic when everyone was there - missed ya Allison, Nicki and Melissa!

Then, last but not least, Saturday the Liggitt family came to town to hang out and go to a BU game with us. We have been trying to get together for months, so this was long awaited time to catch up and just hang! Lacey and i were kamp friends and then went to Baylor and were roomies together and it's so fun to get our kids together to play! Here are Will & Jackson...they had so much fun together and just had to sit by each other in the car and wanted whatever the other had the entire day - it was too cute! Here is Anna Lee, how stinkin cute is she? AHHH! what a doll face she was, even Josh commented on how adorable and sweet she is...could God be prepping him for a sweet lil girl?? ahhh, who knows! All i know is this honey would make anyone want a lil girl!

Then, although it rained off and on all day, we ventured off to the Baylor football game bc the tickets the Liggitt's had were covered seats...and thank goodness they were bc shortly after we sat down...the rain came a pourin' down! The Bears ended up with a W tho, which is all that matters! it was a fun game!

Lacey and I sadly never got a pic together, what were we thinking? oh well. we did get to steal away to Common Grounds for a fun drink for a bit...ahh, made us both so happy. :) Thanks Liggitt's for making the effort and driving to Wacky Waco, it was a fun reunion!

Whew...it was a busy week, but a great one!

In pregnancy news, i have less than 100 days left...crazy! getting excited and ready!

More soon!! *Sally