Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October is flying by already!

So i haven't been super good at updates lately. I can't believe it's mid October already!
Here are some fun happenings with us lately:

Last week, i headed out to a lil girls dinner with some of my besties here in Waco for a long awaited time to just catch up - we haven't been able to find a time to get together in so long. Well, they totally surprised me and celebrated my bday a lil early!! We went to George's and ahhh, love that place. Per my sister's strong suggestion, I had some fried pickles there for the first time and OMG - they are amazing! You were so right Kari!

My bday isn't till next week, and ahhh, it's the big 3-1. yikes...i actually feel older this year. I don't know why, but i do. Maybe it's carrying around the bowling ball in my belly right now.Thanks Genny, Mel and Kristi - you totally got me and that cake with all the reece's cups was perrrrrfect for me. :) my fave!! Sorry we all didn't get a pic together...i didn't have my camera and all I had was my phone, so the quality wasn't too great.
Also Josh's parents were in town this past weekend. Nina and Papa are official owners of Papaw's old farm land in the good ole country of texas. :) someday, down the road, they hope to live there and have all kinds of fun farm animals etc...until then, the grandkids just hafta wait.
While Nina and Papa were here, Jackson was showing off his puzzle skills....
One of the many games we played, due to the rainy weather, is what Jackson calls "Banopoly." For some reason, the Crosby men can play this game for hours and actually enjoy it...i don't fully get it. Here are Josh, Jackson and Papa at the beginning of the game....Jackson has now become slightly obessessed with $100 bills...don't know if that is really ok. :)Here they are...hours later!! notice all the hotels/houses. they are crazy. Jackson had to turn in and go to bed of course.Another one of Jackson's new favorite past times is pushing around the double stroller that we got a little early bc it was on sale for such a great price!! It has a sit and stand option for Jackson since he's obviously not so small anymore. I cannot wait to use it! Jackson likes to put his stuffed animals (in the bottom basket) and push them around the house.

Quick pregnancy update: had my 28 week checkup a few days ago, (ahh, i am 7 months!) and thankfully all looks good!!! Except the fact that i FAILED the first gestational diabetes test!! grrr, so bitter that i have to go back and do the stupid 3 hour long bloodwork at the lab. please save any good mags you have so I have sometime to look at while i am freakin there ALL MORNING soon. gah. I failed the first one with Jackson too, and then passed the 2nd long one...but at the time i worked at Providence and the lab was done the hall and all i had to do was just run down to the lab once an hour every 3 hours...sooo much more convenient. :)
And the babe must be growing strong bc i gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks too... :) I am blaming all that weight on the babe, not all the fun Halloween candy in the house.. hee hee.
We are off to my sweet cousin's wedding tomorrow - should be a great family weekend and reunion!! Pics to come soon of my lil ring bearer...and maybe one of this prego stuffed into her lovely black bridesmaid dress. ahhh...hoping it still zips. :)


Harris Family said...

Jackson is gonna be a great helper when that baby gets here! I can't wait to see pics of your lil ring bear'n stud and your cutie pie preggo self! Have fun this weekend!

Nicole Fields said...

Yeah for 7 months! I can't wait for play dates! Love ya!

Melissa Darby said...

Have so much fun at the wedding! And happy birthday, Sal! Ahh, your 30th seems like yesterday! We need to celebrate soon. Miss you! And yay for 7 months :)

Swartz's Scribbles said...

You are beautiful! Happy birthday! And I love that stroller. xoxo

angie said...

happy early bday! That is an awesome looking cake:-).

Anonymous said...

The stroller looks nice. That will def. come in handy! I am thinking about those myself...and expecting my second child feb.18th. We can't wait!