Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bennett is walking!!!

Little stinker is off and running....well, almost! :)

Bennett flushing away...

In one of my recent posts i blogged about Bennett's new favorite past time - flushing the toilet. :)
I finally caught it on video...check it out!

Happy happy bday!!! 32 years young :)

I had such a great 32nd birthday.
I just love birthdays!

On my actual birthday, both boys were in school/MDO, so I started my day with a run. I was supposed to run 8 miles, but since it was my bday (and icky muggy outside!) I gave myself a break and only ran 5!! :)

Then, my sweet hubs took me to lunch and i've been wanting to go to the Olive Branch for a while now. They have the BEST cake balls - yummo!!! Here i am tasting testing the red velvet cake balls, they are sooo stinkin good!

Thanks to my sweet family and friends for making it so special! My family always does some sort of family dinner, and this year, we met Mike and Kari half way between Waco and Dallas for a fun dinner! Dad busted out the RV which was great bc we had lots of room (only an hour long trip, but still) and we got to have the lil bday party after we left the restaurant in the RV.
FUN TIMES!!! Only in my family, ha ha.
Uncle Ben is rockin' a mohawk...

Aunt Kiki with Bennett bug...

The whole crew...minus Josh - taking the pic :)

This is just a normal occurrence in our house lately...both boys tackling each other, and here, tackling Uncle Ben.

Josh really made my bday so special...he coordinated all the planning to make the family dinner happen, and helped me with the boys so much that night so i could hang out and eat, i mean, ENJOY my dinner - thanks hon!

Boys growin so fast!!

Bennett practicing his walking...off he goes!!

Love you Ben!! (we found that target name tag in the parking lot - classic!)

All in all - was a fabulous bday! I am grateful for another year on this earth, for my beautiful boys, and that my family is close enough to celebrate like this.
I took it all in and enjoyed every moment. Cheers to another blessed year - thank you Father!

three (handsome) guys and a (silly sally) baylor gal

I have been wanting to give the blog a new look for a while now...and am just now doing it!

Plus, I have been trying to find a creative tag line to sum up our fam...and with a few suggestions from family, what sums us up best is: three guys and a baylor gal. :)

I am still tweaking things a bit, and want to add more photos, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bennett's new trick(s)!!!

Oh how i wish i had a pic of this, but i just can't seem to catch it on camera. (Josh - need you to video it on yo' phone!)
One of Bennett's new tricks is....(drumroll please) flushing the toilet!!!

yes yes, i am so proud.

He did it last week when i was bathing Jackson and left him to crawl around the bathroom (yes, really lovely of me) but he pulled himself up to the toilet and pulled down the handle. He loved the noise it made and just kept doing it. Plus, Jackson and i were cracking up laughing, so i am sure that egged him on some. :) So now, when we are in the bathroom and he's crawling around, he immediately goes straight to the toilet, pulls himself up, and flushes away!!!

And watch out! We got a walker coming very soon! Here he is practicing his walking with his little pushy toy. It's just a matter of time! He has taken one step without any assistance, and then he falls...so we aren't quite there yet. I guess i shall enjoy it while it lasts right? once he's off, he's OFF!

He also starts cracking up laughing when we tell him, "no." It has been the darndest and cutest thing!! I am serious & stern when i say no though, like when he's pulling the lamp and it's going to fall down on him, and he just giggles away with this huge grin, loving to get a rise outta me. I try to hide my smiles bc it does crack me up...what a stinker!

In other news...Jackson got a very early bday/christmas present. (Simply bc mom and dad don't wanna go out and play with it come the freezing cold weather of December!)

Here he is trying out his new ride...with baby brother cruising along in the passenger seat. Bennett LOVES to go for a ride with his big brother in this thing!

That's all for now - more soon!