Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8

The verse above was Bennett's Life Verse that we chose for him as he was dedicated to the Lord at church on Mother's Day.

It was a super special day...not only because it was Mother's Day, and that we had family over to celebrate God's sweet blessing in bringing Bennett into our family, but because He {once again} reminded me of His Goodness, and His Sovereignty in my life...and I can't always be in perfect control. :)

Sunday morning started a little foggy...we had driven in from New Orleans late the night before, and my goal was to get to church a little early and save a row of seats for family.
I was pleasantly surprised to be there...15 minutes early, with both kids dressed and ready. We were sitting in our saved row, when all of a sudden....{insert a very loud farting sound here.} From Bennett, not me. :)
Oh yes. and it was BAAAD. Yellow stuff up the back of the sweet blue fancy Feltman outfit.
I immediately panicked...looked desperately for my mom or Josh, neither were around. Nor was anyone else that i felt like i could cry in front of. At this point, it's 5-10 minutes from the service starting, and i knew the baby dedication was at the beginning of the service.
So I grab both kids {carrying Bennett carefully since he was soaked through his outfit} and head to the nearest bathroom...which of course, doesn't have a changing table and is in the hub of all traffic between services.
I just laid Bennett on the counter and called my mom, asking if there were close, telling her where i was, and to HURRY!
Jackson is flipping the light switch off and on, making the bathroom pure darkness, and getting in the way of people trying to get in the door.
I hang up with my mom {who is a few miles away still} and have these big tears welling up, when this "angel" named Mary Ann stepped out of stall and took one look at me and sprang into action!!! It's sad to say that even tho i am a staff wife, i still don't know everyone at church, but Mary Ann was simply precious, and her being there was such a divine appointment.
She told me it's going to be ok, and let's take off the outfit and rinse it in the sink. She asked if i had a spare outfit...i dig through my diaper bag {lights still flashing off and on, thanks Jackson} and i find a sleeper that is already too small and gonna be a little snug.
She looked at it and was like, "oh dear, yes, this other one is cuter, we must make it work!!" {ha ha!} I am like...ok sure. How we gonna do that lady?
So, she springs into action, and begins rinsing the outfit in the sink, while i clean up the boy, and i even started to put the sleeper on, bc i thought, NO WAY this outfit is gonna work. Our time to be be "on" is in like 5 minutes!!
Then I had this moment, where i was like...who cares. Who cares if he is in a zip up sleeper. Who cares if people think i didn't dress my kid cute for this occasion, who cares if it just doesn't go my way!!! Then and there I thought, here we go God, i gotta let go of this!!
Then, sweet angel Mary Ann shows me she got the yellow poop stains off the outfit!! Now we just need to dry it! And the one time we want one of those hot air dryers in a bathroom, there wasn't one! So the sweet thing proceeds to towel dry the outfit with wads of paper towels. I still think Bennett is going out in the ugly sleeper...but alas, she got it almost totally was damp, i will say, but who cares. i took OFF the sleeper, and put back on the dang Feltman outfit, took a deep breath, touched up my eyes, gave my angel a huge hug, and walked into the sactuary. Oh yes, the service had already started, but i hadn't missed our big moment.

Here we are...all dressed and poop free, just in the nick of time....

Jackson was ALL over the place, wouldn't stand still, and wanted to be on the projector, so he kept moving around trying to get on the camera. :)

Afterwards, i took Bennett to the nursery and stopped and had moment alone...It was mother's day, soooo typical to have the drama...yet God {once again!} proves himself so faithful. I thought, if i didn't have kids, and this kinda lovely drama that goes along with kids, i wouldn't be nearly as full of joy this Mother's Day!

And what does the Lord require from us?
Act Justly.
Love Mercy.
And Walk Humbly.

guess what!!!

Mommy found a tooth inside this cute little mouth today!!

No wonder the last couple of days/nights we've been a little off...

And, I am 5 months old today!!! So, got my first tooth right at 5 months!

Many more updates to come, mommy says she is waaay behind!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Someone is 4 months old...

Yep. I cannot believe this guy is 4 months old already.

I must say...whew.
Finally...i am starting to feel more like my old self again. I knew it would take time, and i was prepared for that...somewhat. But still, it's such a relief to get through that rough "new baby" stage...especially after you haven't done it in 4 years!!

We praise god for our healthy baby boy!
He had gained 3 lbs in 2 months (i was thinking...only 3??) and now weighs 17 pounds.
He had grown 3.5 inches in 2 months, and is 26.5 inches and in the 90% for height - wow!!

I must say, i love having big, strong, husky, roly-poly boys. And with lots of squeezable can just eat him up.

Bennett has been smiling, laughing, and talking up a storm lately. By talking, i literally mean, shrieking!!!! the boy cracks us up and is very vocal...but i bet he can't top his mama...or his grand-mama!! ha ha ha! :) Time will tell.

He now sits in his bumbo seat...for only about 5-10 minutes at a time, and has grown fonder of his exersaucer. :) We can't just leave him on the changing table anymore...this guy is gonna be rolling over so very soon. He also hates his car seat, and wants to stand "up" on his legs all the time, no more laying quietly in the rumbling seat. :)

We also were given the green light to try some rice cereal at our dr. visit last week...and we tried it last night for the first time bc really, i am still feeding him every 3 hours, and dr. said we should be stretching that out a bit more, so if he's acting hungry still, go for the rice cereal.
Ha ha, this first pic cracks me up...he is like, what is this stuff mom??

well, as to be expected, he wore most of it, and enjoyed eating his bib instead. we'll keep trying tho.

We are still not sleeping big chunks through the night, another thing we are keeping our fingers crossed for the next couple of months to improve on. :) Maybe the rice cereal will help a bit, but his mama needs to get rid of these dark eyed circles she's had for 4 months now.

He is also drooling like mad! No teefers to report yet, but they gotta be coming soon. Everything goes right to his mouth, and he's always munching on his hands or his favorite toy, his keys. ha ha...
The brothers also have been having fun playing together!! So fun to watch!!

More soon!