Friday, April 30, 2010

this is awesome!!!

Now this is how i need to be making money! Check this out. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Waco steal.

So do you like this cute 'lil dress that found me at the Goodwill store here in Waco???

I ALWAYS love me a good bargain...this was $6 and totally looked like me i thought. :)

back...yes, very simple, but know it'll come in handy our lovely HOT Texas summers quickly approaching! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

A long overdue "catch-up" post!

So i have been terrible about blogging regularly. But i am not beating myself up about it...or trying not to. :) it is what it is!! Life is busy, but fun right now! I can't complain!!

One of the biggest joys has been watching sweet lil Bennett grow and change right before our eyes. He is 4 months this week - madness!!! Our 4 month check up isn't until next week, so i'll have to update you with his official stats after that, but all i know is that he is heavy...which is a good thing in my eyes. :) he is a healthy lookin dude...i am curious to what his current weight is.
But, he has been so much more alert and is just such a charmer...he loves to smile and coo at anyone who peers down at him - it's so precious. Jackson and him have also been having more fun together which has been totally warming my heart and creates this wonderful mommy feeling inside...that my boys are on their way to being such buddies!

Below Jackson wanted to hold Bennett while we rolled the ball back and forth, it was priceless FINALLY watching Jackson want to hold him and just desire to take care of him so!

Another huge milestone is that Bennett can sit in his lil exersaucer and loves it!! This helps mommy so much and she can get some things done while he's playing in that...Jackson is normally right there too "helping" Bennett play. :) He has been such a great big brother!

Sad thing is, play time in the exersaucer is short lived right now...but i'll take it! Here he is once he's had enough!

Nina and Aunt Beebee and Aunt Rachel also came to Texas from New Orleans bc Aunt Beebee had a baby shower for baby Brady with her friends from Temple.
Here we all are at the so blessed with these Crosby sistas! And Aunt Amber, who is basically a sister too!

And here is Rebekah all cute and nephew Brady is due June 21st!!

Other than that, I've been busy busy planning fun showers!! Another baby shower for Aunt Beebee in New Orleans, a baby shower for our sweet friend Genny who is expecting baby girl Harper in August, and a fun wedding showers for my sweet sister!! Although it's keeping us busy, they are are all such fun joyful celebrations for loved ones!!! God is good!

More soon!