Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bennett - my 3 month old!!!

Shut up!!!

Bennett is 3 months old already?? AHHH!!

Well, let's see: the boy is still quite a chunker - but we LOVE IT!! We just look at him and he looks so healthy and thriving - thank you Jesus!!! He is still quite the eater (obviously!) and has been sleeping pretty good at night...getting me up around 3 am still...but then last night he was up a couple times, so we are still working on it. :) He found his hands and is fascinated by them. hee hee.

He is definitely such a SWEET-heart...he is normally smiling, talkin and cooing. ahhh, seriously, it melts your heart. Josh had a long day at work this last week and came home really lathargic and Bennett just looked at him and gave him the biggest grins - totally changed his attitude. It was awesome sitting back and watching it all happen!

Here are some random pics from the past few weeks...i know i need to be better about blogging details, but this is all i got. :)

Here is what we've resorted too but this 'lil guy gets a 'lil high maintenance and wants to be held all the time...this is how i get stuff done sometimes, ha ha.
And here we all are decked out cheering for our Baylor Bears that did (and are still doing!) fabulous in the NCAA tournament!!
All of my boys...
Now check this out...this was Jackson wearing this BU onesie....
And then below, is Bennett wearing it - think they are brothers or what?? :)
And then here is Jackson as we decorated some eggs this week...oh yeah! It's almost Easter!?!? (ha ha...where has the time gone??) Doesn't he look so big?? AHHH, so not a lil baby anymore!
And then here is Bennett cuddling with one of his many lovie blankies - something he has been doing's super cute!!!
This weekend we are off to our soon-to-be Uncle Mike's (Kari's fiance's) family ranch. He has invited all us Dvorak's and Crosby's to offcially meet all his family. Should be super fun!
Oh, and if you are interested in any of Kari's wedding details, check out this website they built - it's awesome! Has their proposal story with all the details, among other fun stuff.

Happy Easter to all - He Has Risen!!! Thank you Father for your sacrifice on the cross so we can have life abundant. You are amazing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I present to you, the class of 2027!

Bennett isn't even 3 months yet, and he had his first playgroup with his new 'lil buddies this week!!
oh yes...a group of sweet little muffins that will all, someday, eventually be in the same grade, got together for playtime!!! except for Bennett, it was snooze time. :)

This is one of the many reasons i love get all these kids and moms together for community, support, and just fun!! And i think the moms enjoyed it more than the babies. :)

Here is a pic of them all together...let me just say it was CLASSIC!!! All us moms couldn't stop giggling as Katy snapped this pic. :)

And oh yes..there are 12 boys and only 1 sweet girl: Jane. How lucky is she?? And 4 of the boys are two sets of twins...madness!! :)

Here is sweet Griffin peeking into Bennett's carrier...
He says...why you snoozin' man?? Let's play!!

Thanks again Katy for opening up your home and letting us get out every toy imaginable!

Cheers to many fun memories ahead Class of 2027! (or something like that!) Shoot, they will all be on the football field while 'lil Jane cheers them on!! ha!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break in Naples!

My sweet parents took us to Naples, Florida for Spring Break this year, to stay in their lovely condo...which is truly paradise and a place of relaxation for us all! It had been a while since I had been, over a year, so I was looking forward to it so much...until about a week before we were leaving. :) then i started to freak out...thinking about packing, flying with 2 kids, Bennett's schedule, etc...

But i must say, it was a fabulous trip, the boys did beautifully on the plane rides, i was flexible with Bennett's schedule and just rolled with whatever came our way! Which, if you know me well, isn't always easy for me. :) God was so good!

We also got lots done for Kari's wedding! Kari also came with us, and i don't know if i'd blogged about this yet, but she is having a little destination wedding in Naples, this July 4th! We've grown up (well, over the past 10 years or so) going there, and Kari has always wanted to get married there. The condo's main clubhouse is gorgeous and will be beautiful for her outside wedding, and then reception indoors. :)

She met with the florist, the cake lady, photographer, the wedding coordinator at the clubhouse, finalized menu for dinner, found her bridesmaid dresses (at our favorite lil outlet mall that is close by, at the BCBG store!) and scoped out hotels for guests. whew, it was a hugely productive trip for her, and i assisted her on errands as i could. :) fun times.

Josh and i got away a few times for some family outings with the boys, and even got away for a 'lil date night. The beach was a little too chilly for swimming, but the pool at the clubhouse was warm, and Jackson looooved practicing his swimming. Grammy also took him to the beach many mornings to go walk and find seashells. :)

All in all - it was a great getaway for our new family of 4! We couldn't have done it without the help from Grammy, Dubs and Aunt Kiki tho. In fact, Bennett was spoiled all week and wanted to be held all the time immediately after we got back...he was used to being picked up at every whimper. thanks a lot guys!! ha ha...

Mom and Dad - thanks for always opening up your place so generously to us. We always have such a great time, and come back feeling renewed and refreshed from a little touch of paradise.
Bennett taking in his first FL trip...checkin out the place...

sweet time with Aunt Kiki....

Tasting wedding cake options with Kari & mom...and OMG!! That red velvet was the best ever!! So excited they chose that for the grooms cake!

Jackson's new obession: lasagna. Umm...since when did he love lasagna?? Well he was eating leftovers in this pic for breakfast. Whatever, we're on vacation!!!! ha ha....

Jackson on the beach at sunset...

Bathing Bennett in the sink...have this exact same picture from 4 years ago when we took Jackson to Florida for the first time...check it out:
And those are NOT the best pics of me nor my mom...and these are NOT the best quality you can't really tell BUT....i am realizing that Bennett resembles Jackson SO MUCH as a baby....
This pic {above) is of Jackson!!! Crazy resemblance!

Jackson swimming..this is the best shot i could get...he wouldn't look at me of course. stinker.

Bennett's first time at the pool. he loved it. :)

Bennett looks like an old man...ha!

This was karaoke night at the clubhouse. Now remember, most people that live in this community are all retired and "older." So they really got a kick outta us singing that night - it was hilarious. :)
I was totally in my element! (don't even know the lady in black!) It was a karaoke happy hour so everyone was real happy and friendly. I loved it!!

Josh and Jackson watching their crazy mama...

Awww yeah, we did a duet and tore. it. up. (well he did...i was sooo off key.) We sang Summer Nights from Grease...classic!

Dad and this man!

Caught Bennett smiling!! Finally! His sweet smile sugars have been making all of us melt!!

Being a good boy at the airport...what a trooper! Our flight was delayed!

I am excited that we'll be back there in just a few short months for Kari's wedding...i am planning on staying for a while following the wedding with the kids from a mini-vaca. awww yeah.

And to my all girls - we soo need to plan a girls getaway trip and stay there sometime ok.
More blogging soon - got lots to catch up on!

p.s. I have to share two cute pics of Bennett that are too precious not to post. He was looovin' his bath the other night...check him out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sip and See for my Sweet Baby Bennett!!

I truly feel so blessed.
And, I have the very best friends.

That is all I can I reflect on how long I felt I was so ready baby #2, and trying to just let it all go and let God perfectly orchestrate His was hard at times, but as I reflect, I truly see God's providence and His hand in every single details.

The whole time we lived in Nashville, I wanted to have a baby there so bad!! We had such a wonderful church family and they loved my Jackson so much and I knew they'd embrace another sweet baby and take care of us during the transition of a new babe.

Well, that didn't happen...and then, SHOCKER!!! We suddenly move to Waco, for an opportunity for Josh that truly came out of nowhere...a total God thing! The 8 months of our move, selling our house, living with my parents...the whole sha-bang, I remember thinking God, you know best, having a lil baby, or even being pregnant during this crazy time, would have just made things even tougher, when they were already difficult.

So...God knew where we would be and when it would be best for lil Bennett to arrive. And that's all i can say.

Here are pics from a celebration for Bennett that my sweet Waco friends threw for him. I felt so loved, special and blessed my these amazing girlfriends!! Every detail was so thought out and planned, it was so beautiful!

The guest of honor...not the best pic, don't know why it's posting so small. :)

Each water bottle had a different "Bennett characteristic" on it....Sweet Bennett, Giggly Bennett, Bouncy Bennett...sweet Mimi creativity right there for ya....

The beautiful table spread of yummy food...
My favorite sweet rolls that my friend Kimberly makes!!! AHHHHHHHHH!! These are seriously to die for!!
Mom, my sister Kari, me & Bennett (Bennett is out...ha ha)
Didn't this pic turn out gorgeous? Thanks Kimberly! And thanks to my sweet friend Rachel, for snapping all those photos that are displayed, right after he was born!
Another really cool shot. Rachel's photography blog is:

Such fabulous hostesses: Mimi, Kristi, Nicki, Melissa, Genny, Kimberly, Jana (extra kudos for opening your home for the event!) and Katy. I love you all, thank you SO much!
(Ha, look at Bennett! Knocked out...which is how he was for most of the party!)

Waco truly is such a unique and fabulous place to call home, with the most loving friends and "mom community" where everyone takes care of one another. Not to mention, my immediate family...having them close is the biggest bonus.

See....God really
does know best, sometimes we just have to sit back, and wait.

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the {most perfect} plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to
prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bennett - 2 months old already!

Hey guys!
Ok, so seriously...time is flying by!!

I can't believe i am already two months old! Today we had my very sad 2 month shots, but I rebounded well. Mommy took good care of me today, and the tylenol helped.

Right now i still loooove to sleep, i am just a chillin baby most of the time. I like to eat too...and really, that is my life right now. i have to ain't too shabbby. I love it!

I have started smiling a my mom a lot lately, she is so funny! She keeps trying to take my picture while i am smiling, and can't seem to get a good one quite yet. Don't you worry, i'll be smiling more soon and she'll capture it for you all ok.

My big brother still doesn't pay a lot of attention to me. I am hoping that changes soon bc i can't wait to play with him and have him show me the ropes. Until then, i'll patiently wait till he warms up to me.

Daddy is super funny too, and i like to coo and smile at him. He also is great at burping me...he walks me around and bounces me in a way that no one else does. He helps mommy a lot with his special burping technique. :)

I am so glad i am better and didn't end up with RSV. And today at the doctor i learned that i have grown 3 inches in length in 2 months, and i also weighed 14 pounds.Ii can't help it, eating. is just too fun! But Dr. Nesmith told mommy not to worry, and i am just a healthy thriving dude.

Well, that's all for now. Time to sleep again.
2 months oldThis was before my sip n see...all these people kept looking at me and touching me. Mommy was so happy and told me she has the best friends ever. More pics of that to come very soon...

Doin' what i do best....

Thanks Rachie!!

My sweet soul sister and former roomate from college took the above photos of our family of 4 a few weeks ago. Yes, i am JUST NOW getting my blog all dolled up with some of her talents. :) She came in from Austin to bless our new family in this way... and to capture sweet Bennett as a newbie to the fam.

I'll be posting more of her awesome pics soon, but until then, thank you Rachie!! what a gift!

here is her photography blog:

I am so behind, and have to upload pics of Bennett at 2 months (yes!) and my fabulous sip n see given by such wonderful Waco friends...more coming very soon!