Wednesday, January 28, 2009

being sick is the pits. :(

No, i am not sick, but my Jackson has been fighting something all week. Although the doctor confirmed no strep or flu, we have a bad cold and off an on temperature....bottom line: he is just not himself.

Although we did perk up a bit today. Here are a few of our fun activities while cooped up inside the past few days....i am seriously getting some cabin feeevva!!!

Here we are doing some Handy Manny watercolors

And then of course, watching way more tv that we ought to, but who cares!!! All he wanted to do was lay around, so we did. :)

And if watching cars was not enough, we had to play Cars card games, and Cars bingo. :)

Hoping to finally kick this soon and that we're back to our normal self! Especially since tomorrow is MDO... hee hee. :) But i have to admit, it's been kinda nice to be a sack with him and just lay low. i am still in my pj's ....ahhh! gotta love it.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, i did order me some uggs. Watch out waco! don't worry, you'll know when they arrive here b/c i'll show ya how they look, i know you can hardly wait. :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

to UGG or not to UGG?

Ok, so i really am comtemplating just finally diving in and buying real Ugg boots. i have always wanted a pair, and i need to just buy some and quit pondering about them. Especially since it's been 70 degrees the past 2 days here in TX, i need to get these soon before it's too hot to even sport them around town!

So i need some feedback from all you Ugg owners! :)

1. Do i do the tall or shorter ones? 2. Do i do the dark brown chestnut, or the sand color?

3. Do i stay true to size, or go a size smaller? hearing that i need to go a size smaller...
Any UGG advice is welcome. :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bikini Girl

So is anyone else watching American Idol? I admit...i am, and i love it. Josh refuses to watch it with me b/c he thinks the audition episodes are just so staged, but i can't help it - i love them. :)

I already have a few faves, how silly is that? HA! but, seriously, what was Bikini Girl thinking? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

This next gal was so super cute tho...i think her name was Casey, i call her Super Cute sassy is her haircut? Shoot, i'll have many months of growing mine out if i ever want hair like that, but think she is a DOLL!

Here here to a new season of Idol...WOO HOO!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something permanent

I know i've been slacking a big on the blogging, but i'm workin on it. :) don't' think i can do it daily, simply b/c we are not that interesting and there's not a lot of stuff to write about - ha!

This weekend Columbus hosted a Disciple Now and it was a great weekend! i am super proud of Josh simply b/c it is a lot of work pulling that together, and he is still getting to know the families there and feeling out who all can help with what etc... great job honey!

The speaker that came into town was our buddy James Tealy from Nashville, what a stud he is. and i know the weekend was for the kids, but gosh, i got so much out of it and just needed that i think. James is also a singer/songwriter and he wrote an incredible song after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. It just got to me b/c i have been earnestly and anxiously awaiting our house in Nashville to sell so we can finally get a house here, get it all fixed up, and get to have all our stuff again!!!! James' song was so powerful and just got me is just stuff. That "stuff" isn't what is going to make me happy. Until then, i just need to keep my eyes on Christ, and enjoy the moment...where we get to be near family, dear friends and loved ones, and those memories are what i'll be takin with me when i leave this earth.

“In the meantime I’ll keep a looser grip on the stuff I’ve piled in this sinking ship. And I’ll hold tight to Jesus, ‘cause He’s permanent, ‘cause He’s everlasting.”

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baylor BBall, Birthday Bouncin' and a Chocolate Sack

ok, so many of you have been asking how the set up was for my sister this past weekend.

it was pretty fun, but i really don't know if a wedding will come out of it. HA! You never know what God can do tho...He was a sweetheart, and the conversation flowed, they knew a lot of the same people from different circles, and it was totally laid back. It was a fun excuse to go out, have fun, and eat a chocolate sack at DiamondBacks. After making dumb jokes and silly inuendos about the sack for 10 minutes, we all finally matured enough to just dig in...there is "no wrong way to eat a choclate sack, you just dig in and go at it." There you have it.

Also, we had Jackson's 3rd bday party this weekend and it was a total BALL at the Jumping Party in waco...which was a total madhouse by the way! i will say it was a great place to have a party...especially since we really don't have a house here yet to have one. And we made a mess of the room and didn't have to clean it up! he is pooped, but was excited about all his fun new bday prizees.

Thanks mom and dad for the membership to Mayborn! Playdate anyone? We're there!!!

Also, we went to a Baylor BBall game and i cannot tell you how fun it is to be back in waco and get to go to the games! They are just fun and Jackson loves it...they beat TX Tech, so proud of the guys!!! Way to go, Sic 'Em!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's a better blogger!!

i know ya'll don't believe me, but i'm serious!!! i am vowing to be better at my blog this coming year. i don't know why i have been such a slacker...i think the main reason is b/c i was working and when things were slow in the office, i'd blog! shocker!

and guess what, the "home office" doesn't seem to have as much dead time. :)

but, the holidays have come and gone, i cannot believe it. they were wonderful, and jackson had so much fun! he got a nifty bike, and thinks he's such a big boy. :)

In other news:

1. My sis is coing in from the big D this weekend and josh and i have set her up on a blind date with this great guy that has helped a bit with our youth group, and who coincidentally, another one of our couple friends thought they should meet as it wasn't just josh and I!! Oh yeah!! this could be the one. (ha ha) I am not going to disclose any details at the moment, but can i just say i am so excited she actually is letting us set it up and is willing to go along with it? so proud of you Kar!!! It's going to be fun, and heck, if he isn't yo' type, so be it. :) an update on this to come after the weekend!

2. i am so excited for my newest sweet pal, Katy Svoboda. She's pregnant and having a baby in July! and like me, has been wanting her 2nd baby for a while now. i am THRILLED for her and have enjoyed her sweet friendship since i've been in waco these short few months. Hope to join ya soon sista! :)

3. Our house still hasn't sold...but over the holidays we felt like the Lord just confirmed to us one of the reasons why it hasn't sold. There was a couple that our realtor knew in Nashville from San Diego adopting a little baby. they needed a house to stay in for a few weeks while they finished up some court stuff and paperwork etc...well, hey, our house was empty, and was fully equipped for a lil nugget, so it worked out for them to rent our house for a few weeks. even tho we never met them, there was a sweet connection with them and they were the sweetest couple! They did lil maintenance things around our house for us, raked leaves in the yard, etc...what a blessing that was, and they were adopting a baby boy, so being in Jackson's room was so special for them. Isn't that so cool? God is just so creative in how he works. Ok Lord, now let's sell the house ok. :) It's time.