Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bikini Girl

So is anyone else watching American Idol? I admit...i am, and i love it. Josh refuses to watch it with me b/c he thinks the audition episodes are just so staged, but i can't help it - i love them. :)

I already have a few faves, how silly is that? HA! but, seriously, what was Bikini Girl thinking? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

This next gal was so super cute tho...i think her name was Casey, i call her Super Cute sassy is her haircut? Shoot, i'll have many months of growing mine out if i ever want hair like that, but think she is a DOLL!

Here here to a new season of Idol...WOO HOO!


Rosemond said...

We love American Idol at our house! Bikini girl will certainly not make it through the next round!

Ebes said...

ooh ooh me too! I am a little too excited about it this season! ha! Bikini girl would have been slapped by me if she came in struttin' that attitude. Do you think she will wear a bikini the entire show? :)

Julia Harman said...

I'm crazy about it too! it's so terrible, yet SO GOOD! love A-I nights!

Nicki W. said...

whatever. that show is addicting in the worst way! i look forward to it all year!

Melissa Darby said...

you know we are all in :)
we love that cute girl with the fun hair too! yay AI!