Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My buddy Jackson!

So lately I've been reflecting a lot on my how my life will change with 2 kiddos...i am SO used to only having one baby!!! Although he's not really a baby anymore... :) he's my buddy and all i know right now! He's also gotten so independent and shall i say...easy???? AHHH, Lord, can i handle the changes that January shall bring upon this household?? :)

Lately especially, Jackson and i have shared such sweet moments together that i pray will never leave my memory.

He'll randomly say..."Mommy, let's talk. "
Ok, i'll say...and then he'll proceed to ask some random question.

Lately they've been like, what is your favorite soccer ball? (ummm, i thought there was only 1 kind, but i go with it.)
Or, what is your favorite sport?
Or, what is your favorite food?
Ummm, can you tell he is such a BOY?? :)
Some other favorite conversations are when he'll come home from church or MDO and share with Josh and I what he's's amazing how these little minds can truly comprehend some of the simple Biblical truths. "Mommy, this is a cloud that god used to go with the people so he'd always be with them." Well...there you have it.

He'll also pray such sweet innocent prayers...for "the people." It makes my heart so full to hear him list off all these people he wants to lift up in prayer; his cousins, and Aunt Beebee that lives far away...and he prays for pets too, like my sister's dog, Miga, and Daisy for her hurt leg. He also will pray for the lil baby in mommy's tummy, and i don't know if it's hormones or just plain mommy-hood that makes me tear up and think, ahhh, may this moment always be treasured.

Here is a random pic that just makes my heart smile...he used to hate wearing these Diego slippers my mom bought for him once...and all of a sudden, he comes of his room diggin' them.
Daddy had to join in on the sillyness. ...and quite frankly, we were shocked he had them on. :)
Dear Lord, i pray that you prepare my heart to love another child as much as my Jackson. May you continue to prepare our family for the new addition, and the wonderful changes it will bring...some tough, some easy, but through it all, may we cling to your power and strength to get through. I love you, and leave both of my precious kiddos into your most capable hands.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My newest HURR adventure....

So i've always toyed around with growing my hair out...and then i get SO impatient and end up cutting it, thinking, ahhh, i am just a short haired gal, what am i thinking?? short hair is just a better look for me. :)

Well, once again, i vowed to try to grow it out again, especially while pregnant, your hair can grow faster right?

So one of the gals in our youth group got these super affordable extensions pieces put in her hair for prom, and it has intrigued me and got me thinking ever since.

So, i ventured out to research this process, first stopping at Hair Trix in Waco to talk to Jessica, who is this latino gal that talks super ghetto and has piercings everywhere..and she is SOOO nice! After she consulted with me, we decided to leave the top layer of my hair out, and she'd braid the rest (or as my friend Genny calls it, i got a weave!) and then add some extension pieces of hair. She said my hurrrr would grow faster in the braids bc it's not exposed to all the chemicals and heat etc... She also instructed me to head to Beauty Mart on Waco Drive and 25th Street..yep, not the best area of town, to purchase my hurrrr pieces. oh, and she would charge me per braid, which honestly, was pretty darn cheap, compared to my old faithful hair lady at Mane Event who does this for HUNDREDS of dollars for her clients. ummm, no, can't do that.

so i left still not knowing what i would do...and then decided to just go for it, why not?

So i make my appointment with Jessica, and later that week head to Beauty Mart, which truly is THE most interesting, strangest place ever! they had wigs of all sorts, hair pieces of all colors and styles, oh, and a good candy section along side some cheap jewelry. HA!

So i proudly leave Beauty Mart, thank JJ the Asian lady (yes, JJ...hmmm??) for, after some time, successfully matching my hair with some pieces she had there.

So....long story short...2.5 hours later that week, and a VERY sore head (she pulled HARD to weave those braids...i seriously was doing labor breathing at one point thinking, i can do this!! HA!) i left with my new hurr. and let me tell was such a strange feeling. i had this LONG hair.

we kept it long the first day bc she said we could always cut it...which we did the very next day bc it was just too long for me and looked SOOOO obviously different. But the second day i went back and she layered and cut it shorter to look a little more "natural."

So, here are pics my friend Kimberly took after the first day bc we had a SS baby shower for her and i got to debut the luscious long locks. :)
and that is when is was longer. i need to take some of it a little shorter.
It's been pretty fun i must can go wavy or straight, and it's seriously just like real hair. The tenderness of my head got sooo much better, it's been about a week now. That first night i could barely sleep on it...ugh.

anyway...we'll see how long they last. :)

that's the latest on my hurr's always something isn't it? ugh, at least it ain't no perm like that one time, right Kari??

* Oh, and my 16 week check up was this week and i am so thankful to report that ALL is going good and right on track, thank you Lord!!! We even made our next appointment for our 20 week ultrasound...but we aren't going to find out still!! That will be hard i think that day, but it'll be worth it come January. :) I cannot wait to meet the lil peanut...Boy or Girl!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Prego Progression - Week 15

So my good friend Melfa reminded me (among many others that have been asking for prego pics!) thatIi need to be documenting the prego progession with pictures! I haven't been so good about it! Until now!! here is a pic of me at 15 weeks....and then, Jackson had to get in on the action shots. :) So, my clothes are definitely getting tighter and my appetite is definitely UP! Josh is lovin it. :) we've been bad and eating out lots lately bc i truly just don't feel like cooking anything. I am sure the scale shall reveal it all at my next doctor's appt this coming Tuesday! i simply cannot wait to hear that precious heartbeat again!

Also, thanks to my sweet college roomies, Mel, Rachel and Laura for giving me all their maternity clothes! Oh i've had so much fun going through their stuff....and there is all kinds of stuff, dressy, casual, shorts, t's, dresses, long sleeved shirts. Between them, 6 pregnancies in all different seasons, i love it! thank you gals for sharing, and it's been such a blessing to not have to go out and BUY all kinds of new stuff.
Yes, i know it's a mess but i am still sorting through it all, but here is a pic of our guest bedroom right now. I've been having so much fun getting to wear some of the stuff already...the shirt in the pic above is already one of my comfy. :)

For any Waco gals out there that are willing to share their maternity goods, i'd be SO grateful and I assure you i'd take great care of your clothes. :)
Until next time,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So last week Josh and I were at youth camp...and can i just was HOT at Camp Tejas!! I am so thankful that i was feeling better tho, camp would have been miserable!

Of course, the time with the youth group was awesome, and the food was great (it truly was!), but seriously, one of the best parts was getting away with my sister in law Rachel, and having good time with her! Her husband Tony was our camp pastor, and Rachel and I really haven't had time away like that without distractions or kids since....well, i don't know when we have had time like that together. (We missed you Rebekah!)

In addition to getting some sun, rooting on my green team, and having new buddies in the youth group, I was introduced to Rachel's Bare Minerals makeup which i LOVED and want some right now...but i shall wait...we are on a spending "freeze" for a bit. (sigh...) i shall resist.

Here is a pic of Josh and I at the dance party Date Night....the theme was "Tacky Tourist" and this was the best we could do. I desperately was looking for an old camera and a fanny pack, but just couldn't fins one. There were some awesome outfits....and mickey mouse ears, and lots of socks with tacky sandals...hilarious. :)

In other news.... Congrats to my sweet friend Katy and the arrival of their sweet baby boy Clark! 9 lbs, 4 oz later, he's here. :)