Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So last week Josh and I were at youth camp...and can i just say...it was HOT at Camp Tejas!! I am so thankful that i was feeling better tho, camp would have been miserable!

Of course, the time with the youth group was awesome, and the food was great (it truly was!), but seriously, one of the best parts was getting away with my sister in law Rachel, and having good time with her! Her husband Tony was our camp pastor, and Rachel and I really haven't had time away like that without distractions or kids since....well, i don't know when we have had time like that together. (We missed you Rebekah!)

In addition to getting some sun, rooting on my green team, and having new buddies in the youth group, I was introduced to Rachel's Bare Minerals makeup which i LOVED and want some right now...but i shall wait...we are on a spending "freeze" for a bit. (sigh...) i shall resist.

Here is a pic of Josh and I at the dance party Date Night....the theme was "Tacky Tourist" and this was the best we could do. I desperately was looking for an old camera and a fanny pack, but just couldn't fins one. There were some awesome outfits....and mickey mouse ears, and lots of socks with tacky sandals...hilarious. :)

In other news.... Congrats to my sweet friend Katy and the arrival of their sweet baby boy Clark! 9 lbs, 4 oz later, he's here. :)


Harris Family said...

BJ's is in Temple, but well worth the drive! We love it too! YUMMY! If you ever need a fanny pack...talk to Flint. He has one and still carries it around. Kidding, but he does have one and lots of other fun costume choices from his kanakuk dayz! I will check on that date! Can't wait to hang out with the Crosby's!

The Johnstons said...

So fun and glad you are feeling better!! Wow, Clark's a big boy!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

you guys are sooo cute and you still look so tiny...no tummy bump yet it seems...at least looking at this picture! i have some bare minerals makeup i used to wear and i will bring it by for you to have :) not sure if the color will match your skin, but you can kinda play with it to get the color you want!