Saturday, July 25, 2009

My newest HURR adventure....

So i've always toyed around with growing my hair out...and then i get SO impatient and end up cutting it, thinking, ahhh, i am just a short haired gal, what am i thinking?? short hair is just a better look for me. :)

Well, once again, i vowed to try to grow it out again, especially while pregnant, your hair can grow faster right?

So one of the gals in our youth group got these super affordable extensions pieces put in her hair for prom, and it has intrigued me and got me thinking ever since.

So, i ventured out to research this process, first stopping at Hair Trix in Waco to talk to Jessica, who is this latino gal that talks super ghetto and has piercings everywhere..and she is SOOO nice! After she consulted with me, we decided to leave the top layer of my hair out, and she'd braid the rest (or as my friend Genny calls it, i got a weave!) and then add some extension pieces of hair. She said my hurrrr would grow faster in the braids bc it's not exposed to all the chemicals and heat etc... She also instructed me to head to Beauty Mart on Waco Drive and 25th Street..yep, not the best area of town, to purchase my hurrrr pieces. oh, and she would charge me per braid, which honestly, was pretty darn cheap, compared to my old faithful hair lady at Mane Event who does this for HUNDREDS of dollars for her clients. ummm, no, can't do that.

so i left still not knowing what i would do...and then decided to just go for it, why not?

So i make my appointment with Jessica, and later that week head to Beauty Mart, which truly is THE most interesting, strangest place ever! they had wigs of all sorts, hair pieces of all colors and styles, oh, and a good candy section along side some cheap jewelry. HA!

So i proudly leave Beauty Mart, thank JJ the Asian lady (yes, JJ...hmmm??) for, after some time, successfully matching my hair with some pieces she had there.

So....long story short...2.5 hours later that week, and a VERY sore head (she pulled HARD to weave those braids...i seriously was doing labor breathing at one point thinking, i can do this!! HA!) i left with my new hurr. and let me tell was such a strange feeling. i had this LONG hair.

we kept it long the first day bc she said we could always cut it...which we did the very next day bc it was just too long for me and looked SOOOO obviously different. But the second day i went back and she layered and cut it shorter to look a little more "natural."

So, here are pics my friend Kimberly took after the first day bc we had a SS baby shower for her and i got to debut the luscious long locks. :)
and that is when is was longer. i need to take some of it a little shorter.
It's been pretty fun i must can go wavy or straight, and it's seriously just like real hair. The tenderness of my head got sooo much better, it's been about a week now. That first night i could barely sleep on it...ugh.

anyway...we'll see how long they last. :)

that's the latest on my hurr's always something isn't it? ugh, at least it ain't no perm like that one time, right Kari??

* Oh, and my 16 week check up was this week and i am so thankful to report that ALL is going good and right on track, thank you Lord!!! We even made our next appointment for our 20 week ultrasound...but we aren't going to find out still!! That will be hard i think that day, but it'll be worth it come January. :) I cannot wait to meet the lil peanut...Boy or Girl!


Brandi said...

Found your blog thru another.. your boy is adorable and I see that you are pregnant! YEAH! Aren't kids great!!! I have 3! Welcome back to Texas!

Katy said...

GIRL! I did not recognize you in the pics!! ;) With your long luxurious locks!!! :) I have got to see you in person now!

Also===I didn't know you weren't finding out what the baby is! Ah! I'm going to go crazy waiting! :)

Kari said...

Ha! Every time I go to see Trish we always end up talking about the perm. She says, "Hey remember when you and Sally thought it was a good idea to give her the 7 day perm and 7 months later she still looked like a poodle?!" You hair looks SO MUCH BETTER than it did the day you had the super long locks. I feared that my beloved sis had a mullet. Looks so great now!:)

Edison said...

so cute

The Johnstons said...

You are SO hilarious..and the hair looks great!!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

LOVE THEM! you stinkin hottie!!!