Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Richland Mall

So today we ventured out to Richland Mall here in Waco, and i have to say, it was surpisingly really fun! You see, i thought the indoor mall here was kinda dying every since the Central Texas Market Place opened, but actually, the mall has a lot of really good stores, and it was a good outing for us today.

Any of you stay at home moms, let me know if you ever wanna meet there. We can grab lunch and let the kids play in the indoor play area thingee.

Bottom line: Richland Mall is still a cool place to hang. At least i think so. :)

Here's jackson thanking the Atkin's for our wonderful chick fil a coupons!! and sorry to the person in the background!! gah!

Monday, December 8, 2008

OH MY GOOD LORD!!!! I'm Back! :)

So how long has it been since i've blogged? Uh...too long! So sorry all you faithful "blog checkers!" I feel like ever since i've gotten to waco i've just been "decompressing" and haven't been into a good routine yet!

But we are loving being back in Texas, and it's been so fun. We are ready for our house to sell, but still enjoying the time with my parents. (although my mom and i did get into a BIG argument last week! hey - we're NORMAL right??) :)

Josh loves his job at Columbus and he loves his coworkers, so that is a huge blessing.

since i haven't blogged in forever, here's a few things that have happened over the past few months:
1. Jackson is peeing in the potty - huge accomplishment for us! it's not ALL the time, but at least he's telling us he has to go, and i think it's just b/c he wants M&Ms!!
2. i do not miss working - ha ha! Sorry Belmont...although i DO miss the paychecks.
3. i got pregnant, and then miscarried a few days after i found out i was pregnant. :( It's been such a process, but i am doing much better and just trusting that the Lord has other plans for another Crosby baby. we look forward to the future with anticipation! it was such a blessing to be close to my family during that time of heartbreak.

Things i am missing about Nashville are:
1. Cheesecake Factory - i know i know, cheesy, but loved having one of those close
2. Sweet church friends at FBC - Lori, Sara, Rebecca, Lesley Ann, the Atkin's...and many more!
3. my house...or shall i STUFF! My CLOTHES!!! my BED, my get the point
4. Fall Weather - ahhh, the leaves were so pretty there

(we love waco tho, and next time i'll fill you in on things i've LOVED having since we've been here.)

Here is a pic of the cutest Jack in the Box you've ever seen!

more soon...really, i promise. :)
hugs to you all!