Sunday, August 10, 2008

Funny? YES! Easy to clean up? NO!

So, it was just a matter of time before of course, we got TP'd, or forked, or in this case "saran wrapped."

Although we think we know who did it (eh-hem, Josh's summer interns!) we still don't have full confirmation.

Josh does turn 29 tomorrow, so yeah, it was a funny 'lil birthday message.
But, who was cleaning up the melted oreos today? Who was scraping off the trash cans already covered with ants? And who was cutting the saran wrap off with a knife?

Yep, me. I was so annoyed as we cleaned it up...but Jackson and Josh did help. :) It was quite funny as we looked out at it this morning, and once i got my panties out of a wad after cleaning it up, it did make me smile again. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A little trivia: what we were doing 6 years ago today?

oh yeah...6 years ago today we were celebrating marital bliss in New Orleans on the top floor of the Plimsoll Club overlooking the Mississippi River and right outside bustling downtown. Yes, our wedding. 6 years ago? i simply can't believe it and am suddenly feeling so old.
ahhh - it was such a perfect night...i can honestly say that i wouldn't change anything about that night. Actually, it's hilarious, since then as we've looked over pics from our wedding day, josh says he wishes he would have gotten his hair cut a little shorter - ha ha! :)

So this weekend, we celebrated and went on an amazing dinner date to Sambuca. It was fantastic and such a treat to splurge! (thanks to Dave Ramsey however, we had the "anniversary dinner cash" in an envelope - so that made it extra fun to spend!!)

Here are some pics from our fun date - and i have to say, i love my Josh more than i did 6 years ago. I am so thankful for him and what a great example he is and i watch him be a patient father, an encouraging minister and an ever faithful friend to me. I'm a lucky gal. :)