Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer's in full swing!!!

Our summers always seem to fly by...and this one already is! I can't believe it's mid June already - gah!!! It definitely feels like summer...i am so scared to see this month's electric bill from our AC being on all the time!

My nephew Brady is coming any day...or very soon!! As well as precious other friend's babies: Baby Liggitt, Baby Worley, & Baby Harrison!

We've had swimming lessons, and I am super proud of my little fish! Here is Jackson after his lessons this year....

and this was him after lessons last year!! He hasn't changed much huh??

We leave tomorrow to drive to Florida for my sister's wedding already!!! I can't believe this time is here...we've been talking about it for months now, and it's fast upon us...crazy!!

Last weekend we had a little "final fling before the ring" for Kari. It was super fun and very laid back...very Kari!!!
She got a pair of "fundies," which are underwear for two. When we got home and were going through her stash, her dog Miga found them and said "hmmm, i wanna pair of these!!" HA!
This is me and my cousin Lauren attempting to try on the FUNDIES...not as easy as they appear to be on the box!

What else....
Josh is on mission trip in Chicago this week with the youth and so far the trip has gone beautifully!! Praise God!!! Continued prayers for safety...and no drama. There is always some sort of drama with a big group of teenagers tho.... :) Today they hit up a Cub game and I think he got us all some Cubs prizees bc he wanted to know the boy's sizes. I am crossing my fingers he got me something cute too. :)

Bennett is growing like mad...he is rolling over. No crawling yet, but just rolls and rolls when he wants to go somewhere. He is close to sitting up by himself...but not quite there yet. :)

I felt it was the right time to drop a feeding this week...simply bc he wasn't good about taking a bottle, and we had been in "bottle bootcamp," taking 1 bottle a day. Well, i was sick of pumping, so i dropped 1 of the afternoon nursing/pumping sessions. Plus, with Kari's upcoming wedding, Bennett is going to be with a sitter off and on all weekend, and that boy needs to get better about taking the bottle!!
Also, as of this past weekend, he FINALLY is sleeping through the night without a feeding. HOORAY! So basically i have dropped 2 nursing/feeding sessions this week. And ok...i didn't realize that your hormones plummet when you do that...which i think was a good thing or else i may not have done it. I have been super emotional and pretty moody...was wondering if i was just processing lots and finally had time alone with Josh being gone etc... Did anyone else experience this when weaning?? I was crying one night onthe phone with Josh while he was in Chicago, and my OB, Dr. Rister was also on the youth trip. So, bless his heart, Dr. Rister calls me today from Chicago, just to make sure I am ok, and explain the hormonal aspects of all this. SWEET MAN!!! Just another reason to love him! :) However, it's hilarious that Josh mentioned something to him...he must have been like..."my wife is losing it back home!! can you perscribe her something??" ha ha!

But, the tears were a mix of things I think: definitely hormonal, partial grieving that this 100% nursing stage was over, and partly just bc i have been doing a lot of thinking and prepping for my sister's wedding...and don't get me wrong - i am sooo excited, it's happy tears. I have been prepping my "Maid of Honor" toast and just thinking about lots of things that have been making me all sappy.

Here's to hoping things are on the UPSWING emotionally!!! :)
The next few weeks will full of such fun and JOY! I need to soak it all in.
Before that the long RV roadtrip with my boys, and parents and 2 dogs. LORD HELP ME!!!!!!!

more soon,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A few belated things...

I am slowly catching up on some happ'nins from around here...

Earlier in May we made a long overdue trip to New Orleans to see Josh's family, and to help with a baby shower for Aunt Bebe, who is having my sweet nephew Brady, in 3 weeks or less!

Here is the whole fam...before a party we were all headed to, to celebrate Mike and Bebe's recent nuptials, and baby Brady!

Here are all the Crosby women at Rebekah's baby shower the next day...Josh's 2 amazing sisters, Rachel & Rebekah, and his sweet mom, Janet.
Bennett attended as well and had a ball! (Papa & Josh & Uncle Mike took all the kids to the aquarium! Thanks guys!)
It was such a great (albeit quick!) trip, but such wonderful family time. Jackson adores all his cousins, Hope, Eden, Mallory and Alaina. Thankfully, Bebe is having another boy...whew. Right now the boy cousins are highly outnumbered!!

And this next story was so totally random..but Jackson was sooo attached to these ole crappy nike's that barely fit him any more (even tho we had gotten new shoes!) and one day before school, the strap (finally) broke. But he still HAD to wear them that day...(sigh...) So i quickly thought to tape them, and wasn't sure he'd go for it...but he did! Classic.

That was the last and final wearing of those poor shoes...we threw them in a trash after that and he was so sad. ha ha...

Life is getting busy as my sister's wedding is fast approaching - 4 weeks away! I may be MIA for a while as we head to FL early in the next few weeks. Simply cannot wait!

More soon!!