Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A few belated things...

I am slowly catching up on some happ'nins from around here...

Earlier in May we made a long overdue trip to New Orleans to see Josh's family, and to help with a baby shower for Aunt Bebe, who is having my sweet nephew Brady, in 3 weeks or less!

Here is the whole fam...before a party we were all headed to, to celebrate Mike and Bebe's recent nuptials, and baby Brady!

Here are all the Crosby women at Rebekah's baby shower the next day...Josh's 2 amazing sisters, Rachel & Rebekah, and his sweet mom, Janet.
Bennett attended as well and had a ball! (Papa & Josh & Uncle Mike took all the kids to the aquarium! Thanks guys!)
It was such a great (albeit quick!) trip, but such wonderful family time. Jackson adores all his cousins, Hope, Eden, Mallory and Alaina. Thankfully, Bebe is having another boy...whew. Right now the boy cousins are highly outnumbered!!

And this next story was so totally random..but Jackson was sooo attached to these ole crappy nike's that barely fit him any more (even tho we had gotten new shoes!) and one day before school, the strap (finally) broke. But he still HAD to wear them that day...(sigh...) So i quickly thought to tape them, and wasn't sure he'd go for it...but he did! Classic.

That was the last and final wearing of those poor shoes...we threw them in a trash after that and he was so sad. ha ha...

Life is getting busy as my sister's wedding is fast approaching - 4 weeks away! I may be MIA for a while as we head to FL early in the next few weeks. Simply cannot wait!

More soon!!


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

love those pics of the shoe! he looks so proud of it! :)
i can't belive the wedding is 4 weeks away! it seriously seemed like she just got engaged!

Rebekah Crosby Deris said...

the taping of the shoes seriously cracks me up. Love my nephew!!!


Hilarious taping of the shoe!!! LOVE it!! Miss you!! XO KJ