Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Richland Mall

So today we ventured out to Richland Mall here in Waco, and i have to say, it was surpisingly really fun! You see, i thought the indoor mall here was kinda dying every since the Central Texas Market Place opened, but actually, the mall has a lot of really good stores, and it was a good outing for us today.

Any of you stay at home moms, let me know if you ever wanna meet there. We can grab lunch and let the kids play in the indoor play area thingee.

Bottom line: Richland Mall is still a cool place to hang. At least i think so. :)

Here's jackson thanking the Atkin's for our wonderful chick fil a coupons!! and sorry to the person in the background!! gah!


Nicki W. said...

whatever! we always go to chick-fil-a in the ol' richland mall!! call me anytime--i always need an excuse for an outing!

shannon houlihan said...

salpal you are so funny!! cute picture of jackson :)