Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My buddy Jackson!

So lately I've been reflecting a lot on my how my life will change with 2 kiddos...i am SO used to only having one baby!!! Although he's not really a baby anymore... :) he's my buddy and all i know right now! He's also gotten so independent and shall i say...easy???? AHHH, Lord, can i handle the changes that January shall bring upon this household?? :)

Lately especially, Jackson and i have shared such sweet moments together that i pray will never leave my memory.

He'll randomly say..."Mommy, let's talk. "
Ok, i'll say...and then he'll proceed to ask some random question.

Lately they've been like, what is your favorite soccer ball? (ummm, i thought there was only 1 kind, but i go with it.)
Or, what is your favorite sport?
Or, what is your favorite food?
Ummm, can you tell he is such a BOY?? :)
Some other favorite conversations are when he'll come home from church or MDO and share with Josh and I what he's's amazing how these little minds can truly comprehend some of the simple Biblical truths. "Mommy, this is a cloud that god used to go with the people so he'd always be with them." Well...there you have it.

He'll also pray such sweet innocent prayers...for "the people." It makes my heart so full to hear him list off all these people he wants to lift up in prayer; his cousins, and Aunt Beebee that lives far away...and he prays for pets too, like my sister's dog, Miga, and Daisy for her hurt leg. He also will pray for the lil baby in mommy's tummy, and i don't know if it's hormones or just plain mommy-hood that makes me tear up and think, ahhh, may this moment always be treasured.

Here is a random pic that just makes my heart smile...he used to hate wearing these Diego slippers my mom bought for him once...and all of a sudden, he comes of his room diggin' them.
Daddy had to join in on the sillyness. ...and quite frankly, we were shocked he had them on. :)
Dear Lord, i pray that you prepare my heart to love another child as much as my Jackson. May you continue to prepare our family for the new addition, and the wonderful changes it will bring...some tough, some easy, but through it all, may we cling to your power and strength to get through. I love you, and leave both of my precious kiddos into your most capable hands.


Katy said...

Aw! I have had all the exact same emotions. But--coming from a friend who is fresh into this transition---yes, it will be hard (because our kiddos are at such an easy stage) (and I don't mean that in a negative way---it's just an adjustment that goes by SOOO quickly), but====YES, you WILL love that next peanut just AS MUCH as you love Jackson. It's weird, but it's true!! Even though you don't even know them as well yet! It just happens! I can't wait to be there for you when you have baby #2. It's a miracle!

The Johnstons said...

Such a sweet post about your best buddy! I cannot even imagine how difficult it's going to be, especially emotionally, but we can do it!! Love your prayer!

Harris Family said...

HOT MAMA! This is such a sweet post. Jackson is a cu-t-pie! Am I allowed to say that about little boys?!?! I love your hur! You are too cute! You make me smile everytime I see you and even when you come to my mind! I am dying to hang out. Lets do it soon!

Melissa Darby said...

Aww, what a precious prayer! Fortunately, our heart doesn't not become divided, the love is multiplied. I can't wait to see you with two. I know you will adore it. I love you! Jackson is sooo cute-- lil buddy!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

i love you. thanks for sharing your heart. i feel like i just had a great conversation with you over coffee at common grounds or something :) you are such a beautiful spirit! jackson's prayer would undoubtably make me cry too! i don't know how it is possible but somehow our heart expands with every new child. I'm still learning so much from Joaquin, how they are so similar but so different. I'm excited to meet the little soul that picked you and Josh and Jackson to spend this life with! :)

Jaime said...

ahhhh so sweet!!