Sunday, August 2, 2009

7 years ago....

....Josh and I were married at First Baptist Church, New Orleans, on August 3rd, 2002. AHHH, i cannot believe it's been 7 years. We were contemplating all that has happened in 7 years on our lil anniversary date this weekend...we've been in 3 houses, had 2 kiddos (well almost!) and 2 pets we are. :)
(Sorry for the horrible photo quality above...7 years ago my photos were NOT digital.)

It's been a heck of a ride, and i have to admit, i feel sooo very blessed to be married happily to my best friend, the leader of our home, and a fabulous father to my children. I couldn't ask for much more. Thank you Father, the Giver of ALL GOOD GIFTS!

Here are some pics of us going on our annual anniversary date...we always like to go somewhere really nice, that we wouldn't go otherwise, and just take our time, order whatever we want, and take as long as we want. Jackson said he was "part of the family too" so he had to be in the pic before we left him at grammy and dubs' house. :)

We save money in an envelope literally each month for a YEAR and go out and celebrate guilt free, and just ENJOY! Hee hee, here is a pic of me being so excited that the money for our fine dining experience was "already there!" (Thanks Dave Ramsey!!) and that cheesecake was SO yummy can you believe it? this prego was so full i couldn't even finish it...i was so bummed. :(
In other news...the longer hair requires so much more time and effort and is getting kind of old. HA! Also, some pieces are getting real loose and i am thinking it may be time to take them out. Update on that soon. :)


Katy said...

Aw, Sally girl! You were such a pretty bride!! :)

And way to go for saving up so you could enjoy the guilt free dinner.
I'm a big fan of that!
Congrats on 7 years!!

Kari said...

Happy Anniversary! Cannot believe it's already been 7 years! Love that in the second pic you have the straps on your dress, I remember having to convince you to keep those in "just in case" your dress got too heavy! Fun times! You guys look so young in the pics! And I think you're hair looks great! Can't wait to see it in the flesh! Love yoU!

Melissa Darby said...

OMG, 7 years! WOW! Congrats Crosbys. Your wedding was dang fun I'd just like to add ;)
Your hair is real fun too.
And finally, Dave Ramsey is amazing!
Love you guys!

angie said...

Happy late Anniversary! Huge fan of Mr. Ramsey too.:-)

shannon houlihan said...

7 years has gone by so quickly!! Happy Anniversary Sal and Josh! And your hair looks SO good in the pics!

Harris Family said...

SHUT UP!!! We have the EXACT same anniversary! Did I know that about you guys?!?! SO fun! Congrats on 7 years!