Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something permanent

I know i've been slacking a big on the blogging, but i'm workin on it. :) don't' think i can do it daily, simply b/c we are not that interesting and there's not a lot of stuff to write about - ha!

This weekend Columbus hosted a Disciple Now and it was a great weekend! i am super proud of Josh simply b/c it is a lot of work pulling that together, and he is still getting to know the families there and feeling out who all can help with what etc... great job honey!

The speaker that came into town was our buddy James Tealy from Nashville, what a stud he is. and i know the weekend was for the kids, but gosh, i got so much out of it and just needed that i think. James is also a singer/songwriter and he wrote an incredible song after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. It just got to me b/c i have been earnestly and anxiously awaiting our house in Nashville to sell so we can finally get a house here, get it all fixed up, and get to have all our stuff again!!!! James' song was so powerful and just got me is just stuff. That "stuff" isn't what is going to make me happy. Until then, i just need to keep my eyes on Christ, and enjoy the moment...where we get to be near family, dear friends and loved ones, and those memories are what i'll be takin with me when i leave this earth.

“In the meantime I’ll keep a looser grip on the stuff I’ve piled in this sinking ship. And I’ll hold tight to Jesus, ‘cause He’s permanent, ‘cause He’s everlasting.”


Katy said...

Amen, sister! So true and what a great reminder. I love it! :)

Melissa Darby said...

I LOVE that...good stuff!

Jaime said...

So true girl!!! I love you!!