Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bennett - 2 months old already!

Hey guys!
Ok, so seriously...time is flying by!!

I can't believe i am already two months old! Today we had my very sad 2 month shots, but I rebounded well. Mommy took good care of me today, and the tylenol helped.

Right now i still loooove to sleep, i am just a chillin baby most of the time. I like to eat too...and really, that is my life right now. i have to ain't too shabbby. I love it!

I have started smiling a my mom a lot lately, she is so funny! She keeps trying to take my picture while i am smiling, and can't seem to get a good one quite yet. Don't you worry, i'll be smiling more soon and she'll capture it for you all ok.

My big brother still doesn't pay a lot of attention to me. I am hoping that changes soon bc i can't wait to play with him and have him show me the ropes. Until then, i'll patiently wait till he warms up to me.

Daddy is super funny too, and i like to coo and smile at him. He also is great at burping me...he walks me around and bounces me in a way that no one else does. He helps mommy a lot with his special burping technique. :)

I am so glad i am better and didn't end up with RSV. And today at the doctor i learned that i have grown 3 inches in length in 2 months, and i also weighed 14 pounds.Ii can't help it, eating. is just too fun! But Dr. Nesmith told mommy not to worry, and i am just a healthy thriving dude.

Well, that's all for now. Time to sleep again.
2 months oldThis was before my sip n see...all these people kept looking at me and touching me. Mommy was so happy and told me she has the best friends ever. More pics of that to come very soon...

Doin' what i do best....


Rebekah said...

Bennett, you are precious! I am dying to see you again! Have fun on your trip and go easy on your momma! She needs a little vaca!

Sal, love love love the pics and little buddy's announcement! Brit outdid herself! It is so sweet!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

i love that "doing what i do best!" ha! so true! i love the pics you put at the top of the blog! they look so good with the new layout!

i'm so glad the shots went well and he is doing better! i hate those early shot times!

Katy said...

Angel baby! What a little darling. You are truly blessed with your boys! He looked so cute at the sip n see. :)

angie said...

Hey friend!! So sad I missed your sip 'n see. I just saw some pics on Nic's blog and you look beautiful! I hope everything is going great with baby B. Miss ya.