Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bennett - my 3 month old!!!

Shut up!!!

Bennett is 3 months old already?? AHHH!!

Well, let's see: the boy is still quite a chunker - but we LOVE IT!! We just look at him and he looks so healthy and thriving - thank you Jesus!!! He is still quite the eater (obviously!) and has been sleeping pretty good at night...getting me up around 3 am still...but then last night he was up a couple times, so we are still working on it. :) He found his hands and is fascinated by them. hee hee.

He is definitely such a SWEET-heart...he is normally smiling, talkin and cooing. ahhh, seriously, it melts your heart. Josh had a long day at work this last week and came home really lathargic and Bennett just looked at him and gave him the biggest grins - totally changed his attitude. It was awesome sitting back and watching it all happen!

Here are some random pics from the past few weeks...i know i need to be better about blogging details, but this is all i got. :)

Here is what we've resorted too but this 'lil guy gets a 'lil high maintenance and wants to be held all the time...this is how i get stuff done sometimes, ha ha.
And here we all are decked out cheering for our Baylor Bears that did (and are still doing!) fabulous in the NCAA tournament!!
All of my boys...
Now check this out...this was Jackson wearing this BU onesie....
And then below, is Bennett wearing it - think they are brothers or what?? :)
And then here is Jackson as we decorated some eggs this week...oh yeah! It's almost Easter!?!? (ha ha...where has the time gone??) Doesn't he look so big?? AHHH, so not a lil baby anymore!
And then here is Bennett cuddling with one of his many lovie blankies - something he has been doing's super cute!!!
This weekend we are off to our soon-to-be Uncle Mike's (Kari's fiance's) family ranch. He has invited all us Dvorak's and Crosby's to offcially meet all his family. Should be super fun!
Oh, and if you are interested in any of Kari's wedding details, check out this website they built - it's awesome! Has their proposal story with all the details, among other fun stuff.

Happy Easter to all - He Has Risen!!! Thank you Father for your sacrifice on the cross so we can have life abundant. You are amazing.


Edison said...

love me some big, healthy boys! he's precious

Melissa Darby said...

Aww, love your boys! Precious Crosby crew!

angie said...

cutie pie boy...ahhh I need to hold that sweet one!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

owww, what a stinking cutie pie!!!! i just want to nibble on that crelbow skin!! :)