Monday, May 10, 2010

Someone is 4 months old...

Yep. I cannot believe this guy is 4 months old already.

I must say...whew.
Finally...i am starting to feel more like my old self again. I knew it would take time, and i was prepared for that...somewhat. But still, it's such a relief to get through that rough "new baby" stage...especially after you haven't done it in 4 years!!

We praise god for our healthy baby boy!
He had gained 3 lbs in 2 months (i was thinking...only 3??) and now weighs 17 pounds.
He had grown 3.5 inches in 2 months, and is 26.5 inches and in the 90% for height - wow!!

I must say, i love having big, strong, husky, roly-poly boys. And with lots of squeezable can just eat him up.

Bennett has been smiling, laughing, and talking up a storm lately. By talking, i literally mean, shrieking!!!! the boy cracks us up and is very vocal...but i bet he can't top his mama...or his grand-mama!! ha ha ha! :) Time will tell.

He now sits in his bumbo seat...for only about 5-10 minutes at a time, and has grown fonder of his exersaucer. :) We can't just leave him on the changing table anymore...this guy is gonna be rolling over so very soon. He also hates his car seat, and wants to stand "up" on his legs all the time, no more laying quietly in the rumbling seat. :)

We also were given the green light to try some rice cereal at our dr. visit last week...and we tried it last night for the first time bc really, i am still feeding him every 3 hours, and dr. said we should be stretching that out a bit more, so if he's acting hungry still, go for the rice cereal.
Ha ha, this first pic cracks me up...he is like, what is this stuff mom??

well, as to be expected, he wore most of it, and enjoyed eating his bib instead. we'll keep trying tho.

We are still not sleeping big chunks through the night, another thing we are keeping our fingers crossed for the next couple of months to improve on. :) Maybe the rice cereal will help a bit, but his mama needs to get rid of these dark eyed circles she's had for 4 months now.

He is also drooling like mad! No teefers to report yet, but they gotta be coming soon. Everything goes right to his mouth, and he's always munching on his hands or his favorite toy, his keys. ha ha...
The brothers also have been having fun playing together!! So fun to watch!!

More soon!


Katy said...

wow! he has grown and changed sooo much! I can't believe it! he is such a little cutie! :)

miss you, friend! we need to schedule a playdate soon!!

Rebekah said...

He is so super cute! Ya'll were the cutest Sunday!


He is so cute!! Miss you!!! XO KJ

shannon houlihan said...

Love the face he is making--he is so cute sal!!

Kimberly said...

there is something i just love about that little face. he makes me smile everytime i see him.

waiting for your dedication story!

love you.

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

no stinking way! he is looking more and more like jackson every time i see a picture of him!