Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Fabulous???

I've been tagged! I am not super sure what it means, but thanks Katy girl!! :)

Here are the rules: share five things you're obsessed with and then pass the award on to the five most fabulous blogs you know. So...here goes. :)

1. I too, along with many people in this world, am obessed with my iphone. :) I seriously did NOT want one, nor feel like i needed a fancy phone, since i was perfectly content with my dinky lil flip phone. But, since Josh assured me there was this "great deal" when he got his ($100 of a 2nd or something like that, i can't even remember!) i got one too and haven't put it down ever since!! He loves to remind me about how i kept saying, no no, i don't need or want one!
My mom even laughs saying Josh, my dad, and I are always checking our phones, playing with them, looking at them...whatever! And I must say, it has come quite in handy for cranky or impatient moments with Jackson too. He loves playing the games i have on there, and Josh even has some flashcard type game on his, and i must admit - you can get some pretty neat educational apps!! All in all - love my iphone!!!

2. I am obessed with getting a deal. I love finding expenses finds at greatly reduced prices. Whether it be Ebay, Marshall's, TJMaxx, Wal-Mart or Family Dollar!!! In addition, i have signed up to all kinds of restaurants and stores online just to get some "good deal" coupons throughout the year. Since i just recently had my bday, i got special bday emails from many of these places!!! In the last 2 weeks i have gotten: a free medium drink at sonic, a free ice cream at Cold Stone (yeah baby - perfect for this prego!), a free dessert at On the Border, and a free meal at Souper Salad. Sadly, i wasn't able to use some of them bc they were some of my favorite Nashville places, but oh well.
i know, i am a dork, but i am a SUCKER for these kind of deals and will go out of my way to use them. Just like their marketing folks want me to!

3. I am obsessed with my agenda/planner. Next to my phone, i pretty much have it with me and have it open off and on all day. I literally write down some of the most menial "tasks" to do for that day, and MUST cross them off my list before i lay down to go to bed that day. If I am headed to bed, and check and see that something hasn't been crossed off, i will most like try and take care of it before calling it a day JUST SO i can cross it off my list. Anal...OCD...call it what you want, but it's annoying. :)

4. My 1st morning coffee: obsessed! Get outta my way until i've had my morning cup...i am not fully awake, functioning or friendly until i've consumed my perfectly blended coffee with my perfect dose of creamer and 1 spenda. The timer is set the night before to avoid such a tragedy of not having it piping hot as I roll outta bed in the morning. The saddest thing about being so sicky at the beginning of this pregnancy was that i didn't even feel like coffee in the morning. The smell, the taste - ugh, make me sick and thus, i was dragging all day due to my lack of caffeine. Thankfully that went away when i started feeling like my old self. :)
Even if it's not first thing in the morning, there is nothing better than a good ole cup of joe from Common Grounds (another slight obession!) or Starbucks.

5. This was hard to pick one more...so i'll quickly choose: Turbo Kickboxing!! Although to look at my fluffy pregnant self now, you'd never know, but this workout puts the F-U-N back in exercise for me! I can't wait to get back into it after baby and get this bootie back in shape!
* Here are a few more minor things that i am obessed with, but just didn't have room in only picking five things: School of Rock, The Office, American Idol, hanging out and getting deep with my bestest gals, seeing youth get fired up for Christ, a delish dessert, a yummy glass of wine, and last but not least....my sweetheart son - Jackson!

Thank you Katy for thinking my blog is fabulous! I think yours is as well!!
I also think these five blogs are fabulous and am tagging them to do the same:

1. Melissa
2. Rachel
3. Rebekah
4. Nicki
5. Kimberly
and ahhh, it was so hard choosing JUST five fab blogs, so here is one more:
6. Holly


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

loved reading that!!!

Melissa Darby said...

You are PREGO-Fabulous (can that be your new nickname)? hehe, love all our names for each other. You are so cute with your morning cup of joe and bed head. Miss being your roomie!