Monday, October 26, 2009

BU Homecoming 2009!

It was so fun to be living back in Waco for this fun weekend with family and friends!

The weekend started with a visit to daddy's fraternity alumni float - which was a big deal for these good ole boys back in college. KOT always spent hours on their float, most likely to win the coveted Judge's Award, or 1st Place bragging rights. This year's theme was Jungle Book.

Some of our good buddies were there too and we got this fun pic of past and maybe future KOTs! :)
(Thanks for taking this pic Nicki!)

The weather was seriously PICTURE PERFECT this year and we ventured out early Saturday for the parade and Jackson had a blast collecting his breakfast: CANDY!! ha ha!
Uncle Ben's car was also featured in the parade! We were impressed that he got up at the buttcrack and actually put on a dress shirt to drive this featured Outstanding Young Alumni - go Big B!!! it was neat seeing sweet Lady or Joy (or whatever their names are!) just a-walkin down the street! Only at Baylor!!
Sweet mom and pops. Mom - sad yo' eyes are closed!!
After the sad football game (oh well!!! next year is our year right??!!?) we headed to the Horner's annual HC party...a fun tradition where they host a great lil Baylor reunion at their house for people to drop in and say HI...they are always so generous and sweet to open their home with yummy food and this year: Dr. Pepper floats! The kids loved them! Thank you, as always Horner's! We had so much fun! Here is Jackson, Creighton and Tristan enjoying their snackies...

(Thanks Kimberly for capturing these great shots!)
The kids chasing and tackling Brent - ha! he was a great sport!
Then Sunday, some Nashville friends were in town for HC visiting their Baylor freshman, it was great seeing them at church and grabbing lunch afterwards. We love and miss you all!
All in all, it was such a fun filled weekend with beautiful weather!!!

Oh, and quick pregnancy update: I thankfully passed my second round of testing for gestational diabetes! woo hoo! Bring on the Halloween candy!!! :) I am 30 weeks this week - AHHH! 10 more weeks to go - that is crazyness!!
More soon!!


Rebekah said...

How cute are the lil guys with their dr pepper floats?!?! Presh!

angie said...

FUN pictures!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

looks like you guys had a great time! so sorry we missed you! can't wait to see you next week though my little prego!