Monday, November 9, 2009

Better late than never...Lauren's wedding!

My sweet cousin got married October 17th, in Lexington, KY...I am embarrassed that this post is so late, because this weekend was so amazing and special for our entire family! I have just been collecting SO MANY pics, so i've had to pick and choose which ones i want to post. :)

My cousin Lauren is like another sister to me & Kari, and another daughter to my mom & dad, so this truly was a big, fun affair, as our extended family truly knows how to throw a party!

Here is mom, Kari and I at Lauren's bridal luncheon...disclosure: Kari hates her hair in this pic, i must share that bc i know she'll be mad at me for posting it, ha ha. :) And yes, it wasn't incredibly desirable to be 7 months pregnant for these wedding festivities, but what can ya do?

Here are the cousins: Jordan, Kari, Lauren (the bride) and me. I have only like 5 first cousins, vs. Josh's 100 first cousins...for REAL! so, we grew up being together for all holidays we're pretty tight bc we're all we had!

My Jackson had a vital role as the ring bearer for the wedding, so he was present for all the events. Here we are heading to the rehearsal BIG does my baby look? And I feel so biased, but my boys are just too good looking. :)

Another fun bonus of the weekend was the time my sister Kari and I had together...we were both bridesmaids and realized we had never really been in a wedding before, since mine anyway. we were BAD, ha ha, and had all kinds of fun being slightly outsiders, not knowing everyone else, since the other bridesmaids were Lauren'sItalic HS and college friends. Lots of inside jokes, and just plain ole fun together! We even held hands! (HA! Sorry Kari, had to throw that in. Love when you enjoy that champagne!)
Here Kari and I are about to load the double decker bus taking us to the church....i swear, that bus smelled of gasoline so bad and we were going like 15 mph and couldn't stop laughing the entire way to the church...we were SO grateful to get there and get OUT! ha ha...

Here is my dapper lil guy coming down the aisle with his new buddy Landon...he did SO good, i was so proud. Landon was quite a live wire and didn't listen very well, so he made my Jackson look like an ANGEL!!! And thankfully, mom, dad & Josh made it to the church in time after losing jackson's tux pants...ahhh, that's a story for another time. But it all worked out, that's all that matters. :)

Kari and her handsome beau, Mike - how cute are they?? they are so happy and giddy together, we had so much fun getting to know him better! He was brave to meet all the extended fam.

Lauren and Joseph leaving the church...we love you Joseph, welcome to the fam!

After Jackson took a quick siesta in the car on the way to the reception, he was all smiles with Mike, whom he LOVES!

Beautiful cousins...
He shortly got very bored and so what else did we do? Hand over the iphone...which he spent much of the reception playing on.

We FINALLY got him on the dance floor!
Jack with Dad and Mike..oh yeah, Jackson was gradually shedding his tux in pieces - classic!
ok...this pic reflects how mama has had it! thankfully the reception was at the hotel we were staying at!! We just went upstairs a little earlier than others. this mama was ready to get outta my snug dress too!

Overall it was a beautiful, joyous time with family.
Lauren's story is so neat, and is a true testimony to God being such a part of bringing two people together. God was glorified and wonderful memories were made. What else can you ask for?!?!
Until next time,


Kari said...

UGH! Hated my hair in that pic...thanks for the disclosure!:) Loved being in a wedding with you and making faces and holding hands! Ha! So sorry I haven't gotten those photos to you, we'll get them to you and you can do a round 2 post of pics!!

Katy said...

You looked so pretty being a prego bridesmaid, Sal!! :) You and your cousin, Lauren, have the same smile. how neat! Little Jackson looked so cute and handsome too.

Rebekah said...

So fun! Love the pics! You look be-u-tiful! And could Jackson be any cuter?!?!

Gail HARNED said...

Loved hearing your account of the day and seeing some pics I haven't seen yet!! Thanks for sharing!

The Johnstons said...

What a fun time, and you look so precious preggo in these pictures! I cannot believe you only have 48 days left before Baby C arrives!! Can't wait!! ;)

Melissa Darby said...

Oh my gosh-- yall are so cute! Jackson is so stinkin handsome. Sal, you look so amazing. Wow, what a fun time for the whole fam.

Jaime said...

jackson is so handsome!! love all these pics of your family! so fun!!