Monday, February 16, 2009

The long awaited UGGs!

So i keep forgetting to post pics of me and my new uggs! can i just say they are awesome and were totally worth the precious moola. :)

The day i got them, Jackson also insisted on wearing his boots, which was hilarious and so random b/c he rarely wears his boots. Here is my very amateur attempt at taking a picture of both of us in our nobody was home to help me with the picture taking, so of course, these pics are quite awkward. HA HA!

ok, this is classic...look at those knobby Jackson knees and lil it!

And then, he had to wear my boots b/c he said they are so soft inside! he goes....and they are totally on the wrong feet...AHH! Of course, Daisy had to be in the pic too, she follows us everywhere. She likes my boots too. :)


Katy said...

Love the UGGs, sister!!!!!! You'll be so glad you have em!

shannon houlihan said...

You are cute in your Uggs and so is Jackson!

angie said...

Hey Sally! I found you from Katy's comments on her blog. Lovin' the UGG's! I wear mine WAY too often, but they are just the best investment ever:) I'll be reading your blog a lot, and staying caught up with your sweet family.

Melissa Darby said...

I love you.

Jaime said...

What a hottie in the Uggs!! Can't wait to see them in person!! HOoray!