Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rainy Gloomy Spring Break...but thank goodness for playdates!

Gosh, i have been so bad about posting a new blog entry lately! Things have been so busy i feel like, but i really don't know what's keeping me so busy!!! ahhh!

Anyway, the weather in central texas has been SO SO blah these past 2 days...rainy, cold, and dreary. Thankfully, a sweet lil boy in Jackson's class, Izak, and Jackson have had a playdate a couple of times this week since there is no MDO due to Spring Break. It has been such a lifesaver this week! They play so good together, and it's so good for Jackson to have a lil playmate and sweet friend that he just adores. :) Here they are playing candyland together today. hee hee.their conversations just crack me up - they are too cute!

My parents and sis are in FL enjoying their Spring Break in the sun...and they left their 2 dogs to my the house has kinda been a zoo. But seriously, how can you NOT love this face? ahhh, when she's calm, she's a sweetie, but when she's out people!

And oh yes - time to talk American Idol:
I am thrilled with the remaining contestants!! Jorge and Jasmine...sorry, but you just didn't have it going on!!! Although you could both sing, you just didn't step it up. Oh, and it's fun seeing the josh resemblance in Michael Sarver...although, the more i watch him now, the more i am like...hmmm, maybe he doesn't look like Josh as much i orginally thought he did. hee hee!
My predictions for the final 3: Adam, Danny & Lil 'em all!


Melissa Darby said...

LOVE the new blog background and title bar-- so cute!
Jackson is getting so big. He has the most beautiful eyes. I ditto x100 your idol predictions. xoxo

Jordan said...

I am obsessed with American Idol this season! They are all so good! Well, most of them are so good! I agree with you about the top three, I also like the red-headed 16 year old...she can sing! And, even though he did not do good on Tuesday, I still love Anoop! Hopefully he is better next week! P.S. this weather stinks! Wish we were all in Florida with the rest of the fam:) Love you!

Rachel said...

yeah for the new blog entry! i have been wanting to see one for a while! :) it was so much fun to hang the other day and let the boys play!

Jaime said...

Okay, your top pic looks awesome. Did you figure out how to do all that yourself?! I love it!

Jaime said...

I love YOUR new blog background too!! and you did have a yucky rainy spring break!! great to see you this weekend - you are so cute!!