Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin McCarley comes to Waco

So last night, we had the privilege of getting to hear our good ole Baylor friend, and Phi Phi sista, the arising superstar musician, Erin McCarley, live in Waco at Common Grounds! what a fun night it was! She is on tour with "Ten out of Tenn" which is a group of 10 musicians from Nashville and they are all incredible, i highly recommend you go see their show if they are in a city near you.

Here she is jammin out...although, it's not a great pic obviously. Well, it's a good pic of the gal's hair in front of us. :)
Erin's music has been on Grey's Anatomy, and is in the movie "She's just not that into you" and she also has appeared on Letterman. So proud of her, knew she'd make it big someday!

One of my besties, Lacey, was in town and we just hung at Common Grounds, caught up, had yummy coffee, and heard great live music. We felt so cool and young again, ha ha. :)

We also got to catch up with other great pi phi sistas who were there, Emily Mills, Amy Freeman, Sarah Rogers, it was a great lil reunion!
Here we are with Erin...and her short lil mini skirt she sported so well....ahhh, to be famous. :) HA!!
Lac, thanks for coming with me and for that great time to catch up.
And yum, i had the best CG St. Patty's coffee drink, it had a mint swirl in it...mmmm. :) Can you tell that CG is just one of my all time faves?? AHHH!


Rachel said...

that looks so fun! i am so bummed i didn't know about it! looks like ole' time fun!

Jaime said...

how fun is that?! I love her record. Reid really likes to sing along in the car to "Love Save the Empty." He doesn't understand the words...hehe. That's a good thing right now, although in reality the song has a great message! Love ya, Sally!!!

Nicki W. said...

FUN!!! look at you cool moms! i just found her on i-tunes a while back--we were excited she was a bear. and a phi-pi! whoa! celebs! call me next time you go see live music--i am all about it.

speaking of....alexis grace :( bad bad song. too sad. oh well, danny and matt are my faves anyway. i pick danny to win it all!

Randy and Amanda said...

Yay! Love your blog! I was reading Flint/Rebekahs blog and I saw your comment. Looks like fun! My sister works at CG, how fun is that! I will have to ask her if she knows you.

Melissa Darby said...

Yall are so cute! I miss our Ninfa's/CG days and 3-D!!!!!!
Looks like you had a blast!