Monday, March 23, 2009

Potty Training Mania!!! (And Fun Birthdays too!)

Can i just say, i'm so excited that i feel Jackson is finally getting this potty training thing!!! :) We are not 110% there, but oh so close! We spent all weekend in our cool Spiderman undies, and had one poo poo accident. Which i am like, oh well, poo poo in the potty will come later i guess. Today he asked me if he could wear a diaper so he could go poo poo. I tried rushing him into the bathroom, but he just wouldn't do it, it was like he was scared to go poo poo in the potty, and he wanted to just go in his diaper.

Here he is with his handsome daddy...whom he happens to resemble A LOT!
Any advice here from mom's that have gone through this?
Does poo'ing on the potty come later?
Also, what have ya'll used as incentives for going on the potty? stickers? toys? need some good ideas bc i am afraid the orange tic tacs, and jelly beans are getting a little cavity-provoking. :)

I will say it has come about just like everyone encouraged me...when they are ready, you will know. He just woke up one day last week and said, "i don't wanna wear my diaper!" Hallelujah, bc i am sick and tired of buying those suckers!!

I just realized, i've used the word "poo poo" way too many times already on this short blog entry. POO POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also this weekend, we celebrated one of our Nashville bestie's birthday! Lil Emma turned 14 this week, and her and her fam were our "home away from home" in Nashville. In honor of her bday, Jackson wanted to bake Emma a cake. So, we did cupcakes instead. Here is Jackson helping me make the "fun betty" cupcakes, ha ha. :)

He was not being very generous with the sprinkles!

Singing to Emma....can you hear me????

He is mad right here b/c it fell apart. :)

We also had a fun birthday party for one of our cutest Waco buds, AnnMarie! She had a princess bouncy house at her party, although there was a lot of pink, Jackson jumped away and had a ball! Happy Birthday AnnMarie, we love ya! She also had funfetti cupcakes...yum, our faves.


Katy said...

So glad the potty training is coming along! :) POO POO (hehe) took us a LONG time too. AM would hold for days just because she didn't want to---which led to taking a little Milk of Magnesia every morning--but it worked! I think that is the hardest part and will come with time. (Also I've heard to go to the store and pick out a special prize for when he finally does it---you then go back to the store and buy it.) Sticker charts work too I've heard!

Jaime said...

He is soooo cute, Sally and I have NO advice b/c we haven't entered into this endeavor yet. I've got the stuff, we keep talking about it but I need to just do it. I know lots of kids like m&m's or skittles after they go in the potty...that's about all I know! ;)

Rosemond said...

Yes, poop comes later. My main advice is don't put the diaper/pull-up back on him to poop! Let him do it in his underwear and then have him help clean it up. (Messy...but after a few times he will be just as grossed out as you are!)

We did stickers for each time she went potty or made a good attempt. We also bought a cool doll that sat on the potty.

Good luck!!!

Melissa Darby said...

reeses cups did the trick. i know, i know but seriously, it put us over the hump & was temporary. use whatever it takes ;0

shannon houlihan said...

good luck with the potty training sal--i wish i had some miracle advice!!