Sunday, May 25, 2008

gosh, it's been awhile

Hi blog!! It's sally - nice to meet you!
ha, ok, so yeah - it's truly been FOREVA since i've been on here, and for my 2 loyal blog readers, i'm so sorry i've left you hanging. and just was waiting for a good chunk of uninterupted time to write...and ha ha - that just never seemed to happen. :)

This holiday weekend we have had no plans...and can i tell you just how refreshing that really is??! it's also has been good though b/c i've had time to catch up on much needed things. here is just a short list of things that i've had on an unending list and that i've been able to cross off my list and it feels SOOO GOOD!!

  • Writing some good emails back to people that have been in my inbox waiting for more quality, uninterupted time for response
  • Doing some serious yard work - weeding, trimming shrubs, and assisting with mowing, edging and tree trimming (notice i say ASSIST b/c i barely did a thing with those last few items, i just wanted them Josh!)
  • Getting recycling containers labeled and setup in the garage - uhhh, how long have we lived here now? yeah - just got my recyling "curby" for the side of the road this week - i'm ashamed to admit
  • Replacing that lightbulb on the front porch that has been out for god only knows how long
  • Took the old computer monitor, and old laptop to the correct recycling center for proper "earth friendly" disposal all the way out in East Nashville near the projects where the tom-tom couldn't even find the address...lovely, (but hey - it's done!)
  • laundry
  • ironing - saves $ instead of going to the cleaners, but ahhh, the cleaners is just so much faster..i think i am done ironing for a while
  • quality time with Jackson - yeah, you know that swing set we have in our back yard and barely use? we've used it this weekend - yippee!!!!
  • and i guess i should include...quality time with my Josh...we sat at the dinner table and just talked and talked and talked last night with no agenda, no prior committment to rush out to, and just got to share our hearts

It really is just so nice to slow down, catch up, and enjoy life.

love you all - and i promise, i'll try to do a better job of keeping up with this thing. :)


Ebes said...

hooray Sally! I was beginning to worry about you. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Welcome back :)

Jaime said...

So glad you are back!! I check weekly and have been missing you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sally, so now you have 3 blog readers!! Good to hear from you.... I've missed you too.
Love you, Auntie <><

Melissa Darby said...

umm i don't iron ;)
good for you sal!!
missed your posting!