Sunday, July 27, 2008

My deal of the week

I hit up these consignment shops often to scope out the goods and see what name brand "in" items i can find with my kinda price. :)

And this week - it was these brand new looking asiscs i got for $7!! yay!! Check em out!

These come in at a close 2nd to the Chacos i found earlier this summer for $9.99!! i was so close to going to Rei to splurge on a pair (for $110) and i am so glad i didn't. :)

Ahhh, the little things in life. these kind of deals make me happy.


L said...

Am I totally out of it? What are Chacos?

Kari said...

Sal, you didn't tell me about the Chacos! So fun! Call a sista back!!:)