Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Family Time...with lots of cookies.

So this Easter weekend was prolly one of the most laid back weekends we'll have for a while....our next couple of weeks are going to be nuts as we head to Nashville, and then move into our place here...but we're excited & ready!! :)

Until then, we have TONS of monster cookie dough to get us through. :)
Here is my cutie patootie sissy with Josh and Jack...Jack was very helpful in making the was Josh, he did the hard work of stirring all that dough.
OK, i know this may look nasty, but monster cookies are the best ever! They have all my faves: chocolate chips, peanut butter, m&ms, oats...yummo!
This is as close to a family Easter pic that we got this year...sad huh?

This boy was lovin this...and all the other sweets he had this weekend.

It was a wonderful holiday weekend with family, and great time to again, reflect and remember the amazing sacrifice my Lord and Father made for me so I could live. Thank you my Lord!


Melissa Darby said...

Sal-- the cookie dough!! Reminds me of our 3-D days together. Looks like yall had a great weekend. Jackson is a doll baby! your hair looks cute too. Good luck in the coming weeks-- prayers headed your way.

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

so glad you guys got some quality family time! loved seeing it! miss and love you!

Katy said...

So glad you got some down time! Those cookies look D--licious! :) I need the recipe!

The Johnstons said...

Yummy, I could really go for some of those cookies!!

Jaime said...

I think you need to post the cookie recipe...that made me hungry. Looks like a great Easter. I know moving will be busy but have so much fun with it...exciting times!

Jenny Hering said...

Ok, girl...peanut butter! I HAVE to have the recipe! :) would peanut M&Ms taste in there?! Just kidding! :)

Harris Family said...

That's one cutie pie family