Friday, September 18, 2009

24 weeks = 6 months - CRAZY! :)

This week we had our 24 week doctor's appt and all is going great - praise god! The appointments are pretty uneventful these days...the usual pee in a cup, weigh yourself (let's add another 4 lbs to the tally!) and then listen to the heartbeat. I was in and out in no time. :) And although the babe has been moving so much and i feel ok about it, it is still oh so sweet to hear that strong heartbeat!

Here are some updated prego progression pics! I feel like i am carrying so low again...just like i did with Jackson. Could that mean another boy?? :)

In other news, this week i walked in to the living room to find Jackson having way too much fun with my shoes.

and then it was priceless, he totally fell down! hee hee... i couldn't believe i caught a picture of the action!

this week was good, but full! We had a fun sip n see for Katy and cutie patootie lil Clark, Columbus staff wives get together (watch out, we're sassy pw's!!) , we had another great week at MDO - jackson is lovin it so much, a couple playdates, another SS baby shower (we have them weekly i swear, sooo many new babies!) and then this weekend is Baylor's first home game vs. Connecticut...Sic Em Bears!!

Love this time of year! got my mums out and am praying they don't die bc the sun hasn't been out much - ha!
Until next time, Sal

p.s. just got a text that baby Ainsley was born to the Johnston family today!!! Congrats on your new baby girl!!!


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

you are so precious and so freaking tiny still!!!

Katy said...

You never know! I carried AnnMarie low! :)

Melissa Darby said...

you are tiny, and beautiful by the way ;) being prego suits you!

Harris Family said...

look at you cute momma!

The Munsterman Family said...

You are so tiny and I love the dress!

The Johnstons said...

Yay, you are actually showing..a little! I think you just carry your second lower and I'm still going with girl. Thanks for the sweet shout out. ;)


awwww Sally!
You look so cute!!!!
Miss you my friend!!!

Jaime said...

sally you are so cute!! Pregnancy is so beautiful on you! and love the dress!!!