Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random thoughts...

So if you’ve seen one my previous posts, you’ve read about how Jackson has just shot up in the last few months and all his fall/winter pants I had for him are just too short! So I went up to this big consignment sale at the Waco Convention Center this past weekend and got some great stuff to at least get us started! I have to say it was already pretty picked over and much of the good stuff was already sold, (like this great changing table I could have totally used…grrr!) but I still got some good 4T staple items: khaki pants, long sleeve shirts, etc… some prices at like $4 and $3…which is my kinda deal!
I am sure I’ll be hitting it up again next year especially if I have a baby girl and need to stock up on some inexpensive cute, sweet girly stuff.
Also, my sweet friend Lacey brought me this sweet ‘lil prizee as they were driving through Waco on their way to San Antonio this past weekend.

It’s super special because I gave that to Lacey almost 4 years ago when she was pregnant with Will and was due in January! Now it’s my turn to bust it out! Love it…and thanks Lac!

We’ve had a guest speaker at our church for a fall “revival” and he has been so challenging and encouraging, it’s been a great refreshing series! Last night he touched on something that has truly been resonating with me… it was so simple, and something we may have all heard before, and I feel like I am still trying to figure it all out…and it’s the basic principle of not “owning” things in our life – but “managing” them instead. When we are “owners” we tend to not be open to teaching or correction, thinking we have it all figured out. But when we are “managers” we are more open to correction, open to learn new things, more willing to admit mistakes etc….and one of the areas he challenged us on was with our kids…and how we don’t own them, but we are entrusted by the Lord to “manage” them. He also used example of our finances, our marriage, our athletic ability, really anything that is important in our lives. I am just truly tying to internalize all this and make it real in different areas of my life, but especially with my kid (soon to be kids!) This area is something I want to hang on tightly to, have full control over, yet I realize that doing that isn’t good for my kids, but also isn’t fully entrusting God to them. It’s just hard when you care and love something so much, and you want to protect them from anything that could harm or tear them down, or corrupt them. But alas, our Savior is capable, and I need to have faith and remember that! He has also entrusted my kids to me while they are here on this Earth, but ultimately they are HIS. Ahh, such a tough truth to understand and REALLY live by. It makes me teary as we daily must let them go.

Lord, help me learn how to do this the right way…to balance it all out correctly in my mind and heart, and learn more about what this means in my life. I trust that you are fully capable of helping me properly raise my kids with you alone as The Center. May Josh and I seek you alone for wisdom in how to do it all b/c alone we are clueless and need you so! May we be so authentic in our example of following you as our kids watch our every move as we raise them.


Melissa Darby said...

Thank you, Sal. I needed to hear that. What encouragement! And you are so amazing about being open & honest. One of my favorite SalPal traits ;)

Cute tank too! Wow, soon!

Katy said...

Hey sweet friend!
Loved what you learned at the revival. So true and I've never really thought about things that way. What a great lesson for us all! And how freeing---that the Lord is in control of our kids so we don't have to keep being the control freaks that we want to be! ;) (speaking for myself...) Thanks for sharing!

angie said...

Thanks for sharing this Sally. It is SO true!

erin.n.walsh said...

Hey Sally, I love that more frequent posts! You are one hot mama.

Harris Family said...

Thanks for sharing....I needed to read that! What a hard reality, but so important! Something I struggle with, too! We do want the best for our kids, but sometimes our best is not God's best! Flint went and said the speaker was great!