Friday, January 22, 2010

3 weeks of pictures!

I cannot believe Bennett is 3 weeks old! AHHH! So here is my feeble attempt to catch you up on some fun family moments the last 3 weeks!

Here i am...before things got a lil painful. :)

Josh's parents meeting Bennett...
My mom getting her first look...

So happy!
Getting ready to go home...his first car ride!! Yes, those are socks on his hands...he kept scratchin his face poor thing...
Snoozin in the basinette...this was also MY basinette my mom brought all the way back from Italy after i was born.Jackson FINALLY decides to inch closer to Bennett... he helps him swing.

And then...he wants to meet him!

Bennett made Jackson laugh real hard for some reason...
And then he wanted to hold him...yay!

GREAT big brother!
Sweet friends help decorate Bennett's room!

Daddy getting some good time....

Trying out some floor time...Jackson also has to be on the mat.
This is what Jackson insisted on wearing this week...uhhh....i seriously didn't have the energy to fight it. The golf club was his guitar and he was running around the house playing it very loudly and it was driving me nuts...think it was magnified by my sleep deprivation!

Bennett at 3 weeks...eating like a champ and filling out!

More lots of things i wanna blog about, just need more time. :)
Hugs to everyone! And thanks for your thoughts, calls, emails, prayers and texts. We are doing good and feel like each day things get a little easier and more "normal."


Kari said...

Where did Jack's shoes come from? I have never laid eyes on them before! They look like Uncle Ben's!:)

Ebes said...

Oh my gosh he is adorable! and I think Jackson has great taste!! love the outfit...

Nicole Fields said...

Bennett is sooo cute! So happy that Jackson is warming up to him. Also, loved his outfit!

Kimberly said...

sal, sorry about the golf club being a guitar. that was probably accquired at the polnick household. we played all kinds of musical instruments when he was here- pretend and real. call me next time he goes into that mode- i'll come get him. the two of them can jam it out together. i get a bit more sleep than you, so i'll just tune it out- or send them outside.

otherwise, love what your pals did to his room. precious.

love sharing the mat. we're right there with ya on that one.

can't wait to hold your little man!

Katy said...

Sally, he is just a doll baby! I've GOT to come hold him!
Proud of you for updating! Now use the rest of your time to SLEEP.