Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who Dat Trying to Beat dem Saints??!!

Josh was so excited that he could sit in his recliner Sunday with BOTH his boys on his lap, watching the New Orleans Saints win and head to the super bowl!

Well, here he is with just Bennett before Jackson climbed up there too...

Jackson go so into it and had his Reggie Bush jersey on, and then his "football" helmet. (if you remember, i bought him a baseball helmet for his football halloween costume. seriously, how do you even know the difference?? they look the same to me, however, i am told it's really a baseball helmet.)

Thanks Nina and Papa for our cool Saints jersey!! like the shoe in the pic?? :)

Here he is going to school yesterday...Daddy was just so proud and thought he should represent...so he wore the jersey to school too, but did leave the helmet in the car - ha ha.
The success of the Saints is a big deal for Josh's family with their New Orleans ties...this has been huge for that city and to hear how everyone has gotten into it there has just been so neat!

Geaux Saints! Beat the Colts!



LOVE it!!! Since the Titans and Giants are out, we are cheering for the Saints too!! WHO DAT?!!

Rebekah said...

How sweet is Bennett?!?! Starting him early on football, hun?!?! Okay, I hope we can still be friends but I am pulling for Peyton and company. I love him!

Edison said...

we LOVE Drew Brees at our house. His brother played baseball for Baylor. Anyway, Ricky is so jealous of the jersey. He's kicking himself for not buying it for Mase 3 weeks ago