Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yes!!! We are finally back from our month long trek to Florida!!
Kari's wedding was was incredible...and deserves a separate post, so more on that soon.

The RV trip was...well, interesting. AHHH...let's just say we are glad to be home!!!!

Since it's been almost a month since i've been on here... i thought i'd give a brief update...bc i have been trying to go to bed earlier, but alas, it's already after 10 pm, where does the time go??? ahhh. i need to keep this brief and go to bed. sooo... here goes.

Bennett bug is 6 months old!! Right after we got back from FL he had his 6 month check up and chunka weighs 22 lbs!!! AHHHH!
He is suuuuch a sweetie, and (sniff sniff) fully weaned!!!! yep...once that bubba had some yummy formula, he didn't want anything to do with me anymore. it was bittersweet, but i truly think he loves it and is doing great!!!

He is now sitting up on his own...
Uhh, yeah, here, i had to give him stuff to keep him busy so i could get ready - ha!

Bennett is also eating more real food - he loves it!!

Look at this boy...he is getting so big - AHHH!!!!

My Jackson is also getting to be such a big boy...gah. He is such a good swimmer too - which is so nice when i don't have to watch him as closely in the pool now!!!
Playing "war" with Grammy on the loooong RV trip to and from Florida...his new favorite game. :)
Trying on his tux before the "weddin" (he kept calling it "kiki's wed-din'")

A true "basket case"

My beautiful sister is now Mrs. Kari Gilley!!!

and, i know this is random...but a few things i have been into lately:
kettle corn (woot woot!)
Zac Efron (OMG - what a hunka hunka burnin love!)
Glee - catching up on Season 1 - soooo good!
Bill O'Reilly (thanks a lot dad!)
Sobe Water (ha ha... thanks mom!)
Chanel Chance perfume

things i am not into:
the latest iphone update - making texting on my phone so slow!
cleaning bottles (boo!)
the wooded acres heb - hate hate hate going there!!! aisles way too narrow!!! ugh!

ok, i think that is all for now...
more soon!


Katy said...

Your new background is so cute! Ok, many things to discuss---that little Bennett boo is a doll!!!! I love his smile!
2. isn't it the best when your child starts swimming independently??? gah!
3.he looks adorable in his tux
4.Glee--don't you just want to bust into song? it's a little naughty though. ;)
5.Love watching Bill O'Reilly!
6.Feel your pain on the bottles--so glad we are now done!
7.Our HEB in Woodway has nice wide aisles---move over here so you can shop with me! ;)

Kimberly said...

Welcome back to Waco!!! We are sure glad you're home.

I love your loves and dislikes, I should make a list of my own.

We have SOOOOO much to catch up on :) can't wait to see you.

And yes, Bennett boy has grown. You won't recognize Griffy either. Mom weighed him yesterday and he's 26 lbs. My {almost} one year old! boooohooo

The Johnstons said...

So glad y'all are home and hope to get to see you soon..other than across the sanctuary at church! :)

I have to say I agree with Katy on just about everything! Bennett is a cutie pie, wish Parker could swim on his own, Jackson looks so handsome in that tux, J and I want to watch Season 1 of Glee (you have it??), love FOX News, I wash my day away with dirty bottles and other dishes, and I was going to say the same thing -- that you should come shop over here with us!! Think that about covers it. ;)

shannon houlihan said...

Sal, just catching up on your blog--your boys are so grown up and precious!! And you and Kari are such beautiful sisters!!

Rebekah said...

Bennett boy, you are one handsome little fella and so are you Jackson! I can't wait to seee more wedding pics! One word- GORGEOUS!!!
Glad I am not the only one who loves Bill O'Reilly ;) Ha Ha and I hated Wooded Acres HEB, too. You could try Ghetto HEB!

Sarah Crosby said...

YAY! I am glad you found my blog and I yours!

It was great seeing you guys this past weekend! I will be keeping up with your blog too!

Your sons are too precious, Sally!

See ya soon!