Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving in the Big Easy

Thanksgiving was truly special this year!

It started with Jackson's sweet Thankgiving play and feast at school... in which, he was a pilgrim, no wait, an indian. Oh, i don't know what he was!!!

And here is Bennett's beautiful turkey that he "made" at Mother's day out. hee hee.

We went to New Orleans for thanksgiving to be with Josh's family - what a fun trip to finally meet my stinky sweet nephew Brady for the first, he is a honey. The trip there was super long, and started with some major dvd player drama, which involved 3 trips to target in 1 hour....yes, madness. :) but once the movie "Bolt" was up and running, so were we.

Here are some action shots of all of us on the way to New Orleans...uhh, was SOOO ready to just get there!!! Can ya tell??

and....the maxed out mama
Here is Jackson meeting his cousin Brady for the first time: too sweet!

And here are a few other randoms from our time there:

Josh with his stud sisters....Rachel & Rebekah..(and there are lots more fun family pics, but you'll have to wait to see more on our Christmas cards this year!) Everyone in that city was wearing Saints colors...the Saints played the Cowboys that day, so everyone was ready to cheer them on.Rachel taste testing the mashed potatoes...

Me and my baby who is growing so fast...

Letting the food coma settle in after our delicious meal...

My sweet nephew and his beautiful mama...

My sweet nieces...who may be the only girls i'll ever have!!! (Unless Kari pops one out down the road of course...) hee hee!



and Alaina

Then, there are my two sis in laws, who i am SOOOOOOOOO stinkin thankful for...and was reminded this thanksgiving again, how special they are to me, and how instant and natural our connection was. They are truly MY sisters, and i am so blessed to be a part of Josh's family.

And finally, cousins Brady and Bennett in their "Baby's 1st Thanksgiving" outfits...

Look at Bennett - uhhh, he is scaring Brady bc he's so huge - ha ha ha!

I am stealing this next part from my sister in law's blog bc it was priceless. We had Rebekah and Mike's wii at the house, and the kids seriously played it non-stop.

Here is a converstaion that Rebekah eavesdropped in on:

Jackson (5 yrs. old) -- "Isn't Yoshi cool (Super Mario Bros)? He's my favorite."
Hope (7 yrs.) -- "yeah, he's pretty cool."
Jackson -- "I mean, he's really cool. Look at how fast he goes!"
Hope -- "Yeah."
Jackson -- "He's the best of all of them, don't you think?"
Hope -- "Well, that's your opinion."
Jackson -- "OPiNon?" (oh-pin-YON)
Hope -- "OPINION!"
Jackson -- "OPiNON?" (oh-pin-YON)
Hope -- "OPINION!!!!"
Jackson -- OpINoN? (still mispronouncing it)
Hope -- "Forget it! You don't know that word, do you? It means it's what you think!"
Jackson -- "Oh.."

Ahhhh! Such fun and sweet memories.

Thanks be to God for health, family and His Amazing Grace in our lives....what more do we need???

More soon,