Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i am alive..sorta.

Ok's been 5 months?? no's been 6 months??? ahhh, i am going to try to be better about blogging. that is all i can say. :) life has just gotten busy...and blogging energy has been at an all time low. an attempt to keep this updated so i can eventually print in a blog book, i shall try to be better in my updates on the crazy crosby zoo household, at least bits and pieces, for remembering's sake. :)

i say i am "sorta" alive simply bc just when i think i got everything figured out, and life is in a routine, or things or going so scarily smoothly, something crazy happens to mess it all up. :) A kid gets sick, i get sick, someone isn't napping as good as they did last week, they love playing with cars, they hate playing with cars, it's nice outside and easy to play in the warm sun, it's balmy and nasty - already in the 100's, horribly uncomfortable and not fun being get the picture. Just when i think i have it all down, something changes with my "type-A" lovin' lifestyle.

So i guess the honest truth is: i will do my best to update my blog more regularly...if nothing else, so you can see pic of my cute boys. :)

hugs to all!

*Here are my cute lil men before church here recently. Jackson is 5 and Bennett is 17 months - time is flyin' by!
(please excuse the off center pic... best i could do. the messy blankets are buggin me too, ha!)


Rebekah said...

YES! YES! YES!! I love seeing pics of your little sweeties! How presh are they?!?! Girl, my goal at the beginning of the year was to be a better blogger so Cilla would have some sort of a record of her childhood! It takes time, fo sho! But, now I look back on this past year and love love love remembering all of our fun through my posts! Keep it up!

Katy said...

Love it! That is the sweetest pic of your two little men! Jackson is SO old, and I just want to squeeze cute Bennett.

Hang in there and don't overwhelm yourself with blogging. Just do the important stuff! Hit the high notes! :)