Monday, February 18, 2008

Welll, Welll, Wellcome to the 90's Mr. Bonks!!

Ok, so the title of this if from one of my all time favorite movies, Father of the Bride. Of course, it's more like, Welcome to 2008 - it's time to get a blog, since of course, everyone's blogging now! Thanks to my sweet sister Kari, who can't get enough updates on her nephew, we thought this would be a great solution to creating an update for friends and family since we're all spread out! As you can see from the pic here, Jackson had a case of the Monday blues this morning.
Hope you all enjoy...more soon!


kari said...

UH oh, HALLO! THAT'S 5 Mohns! 5 Mohns not much...
YAY! Glad that you are now a blogger and I can hopefully see more of my little butter muffin cup nugget.
I am totally a homebody, no shame. (I think we get it from mom!).
Didn't know you were into Rachel Ray, but I'm into anything crockpot now that I discoved the slow cooker liners that you can buy in the ziplock bag section! So easy and fun! Just throw it away when you're done and no scrubbing the crock pot!

Rebekah Hallas said...

Slow cooker liners? What? I have definitely missed something earth-shattering.

How cute is Jackson???? Monday morning blues, I love it.

F.O.the B--
" know, caaack!" (trying to be G rated)