Thursday, February 28, 2008

February Favorites

I realize that most all my entries on here are about Jackson, so i shall now take some time and share some of my February Favorites with you - these are just little random happies that make me smile :)

1. The band "Inhabited" - ahhh! they are so fun! every morning i hear their new song on the christian radio station and it just gets me groovin! Their sound is a mix of like Gwen Stefani and Pink and fergie maybe?? anyway - check out their myspace page and listen to the song "Hush." Such a fun, pumpin christian song! Where my girls at??!?!?

2. Heavy Bangs - yes, i am so into the heavy bang look right now! Not the straight across blunt kind, but the heavy, stacked, razored kind - ya know, like Katie Holmes or Reece Witherspoon. I am thinkin i am going to get some bangs in the near future, but who knows if i'll follow through. I had horrible bangs for the first 10 years of my life - heavy bangs that literally went from ear to ear, ugh. makes me shiver. my sweet mom thought it was cute that my sister and i had these matching mullet type hair styles. SO, since i was finally able to grow them out, and it took forever, especially over the ears, (ugh, shiver again) i may have a hard time cutting them.

3. The Biggest Loser - ahh! am so into this reality weight loss show! If you aren't into it, you must watch on Tuesday nights on NBC. It's inspiring, intense, and this week, it was quite cheesy. Grown men who are exhausted from their daily intense grueling workout were crying, no SOBBING, as they had to say good bye to one of their team members. I realize that this doesn't sound too cheesy, but if you saw this week's episode - you'll know what i mean - it was PAINFUL to watch it was so cheesy with so many tears. Enough already! Josh and i looked at each and just burst out in laughter. and then he made a profound statement, "it's b/c they are so tired - they are so emotional. It's just like it was in pledging - they tear you down to bring you up." Well, there you have it. Thank you KOT for teaching my sweet husband that valuble lesson. How can i ever thank you? :)

4. McDonald's milkshakes - ahhh! maybe it was b/c i've been sick and all i've wanted was soup or ice cream b/c it felt so good on my dry throat, but man, if you haven't had a good ole milkshake from Mickey D's lately, go treat yourself! The chocolate is delectible. They are so yummy, and for some reason, every time i drink one i have to go to the bathroom afterwards. Yes, did you know they are also packed with fiber?!? And, i make myself feel better thinking they make it with the same ice cream they make their 99% fat free ice cream cones with. I don't wanna know the truth! I shall just enjoy...and then go use the restroom. :)

ok, enough of my February Favorites. March is almost here...i gotta come up with something for March....
Stay tuned! :)


kari said...

Ha! I think you mean that we had to grow our "sides" out and then our bangs! Random, but have you ever thought about the fact that my hair was poker straight when we were little and yours was wavy and now it's completely opposite?
Every time I go to Micky D's I can't veer away from the M&M McFlurry. Mmm...
Anyways, I'm always your only "comment". Love yoU!

Melissa Darby, EAM said...

you are friggin hilarious!
i love you so much and this makes me miss you even more.
you WOULD go to the bathroom after yo' shake!

pooper-duper sally!
love you!