Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally feeling better

Yay! it's about time, i am finally feeling better and am not blowing my nose every 2 minutes! :) This really did last about 10 days - just like they say.

So yes, i am glad to be back.

Last week we had some couples over for dinner that will prolly never return!! HA! They got there at 7 pm and my plan was to have Jackson already fed and maybe keep him occupied playing with something while we ate. Of course, that didn't work and he HAD to eat with us. Wait, let me back up in saying it began in just complete chaos. First, i found out that one of our guests didn't eat lasagna or salad - 2 of the 3 components of our meal. we had no other choices to offer him really, so he settled on a ham and cheese sandwhich...dry. and some garlic bread. Yum.

THEN, while trying to serve everyone, and make something for the picky eater, Jackson was screaming CRUUTTONS at the top of his lungs b/c he just had to have croutons that were in the salad i made. (the newly engaged couple that was there seriously looked very frightened. they will prolly be scared to have kids now.) In the midst of all this, Josh was sweet and helping make the ham and cheese sandwhich and insisting on chips, which our picky guest keep declining, there is smoke coming out of the oven. AHHH - i had forgotten that i had my peach cobbler baking in the oven!!! So, everyone is up from the dinner table freaking out, and we open a window in the kitchen so the smoke alarms don't go off. THANKFULLY, the cobbler isn't burnt, it has just overflowed a little onto the oven bottom and that is what was smoking. Now we have a lovely burnt odor to go with our lasagna (and ham & cheese sandwhich) meal.

So, we finally sit down and I realize that another one of our guests doesn't eat salad or garlic bread, so strike two. This is officially a real fun dinner party now. Jackson won't leave my seat, so i graciously go put another seat into the kitchen and sit at the head of the table taking it all in. Fun times. Now Jackson is screaming he wants milk. And garlic bread. good lord. So, i go serve my sweet son all the while trying to insert a few comments into the slightly dry conversation to try to liven up things a bit. Two minutes later, Jackson is done of course. So i take him into the other room to watch Diego for a few minutes, and then i finally join the group only to have my lasagna be cold and nothing looks that good anymore and I remember so very well why we don't do these things very often. Oh well, at least the crazy toddler is pacified. :)

Thankfully, things got better and the talk livened and we had a good time. Everyone loved the dessert, including the picky eaters - yay!! I redeemed myself. The night was slightly filled with strange discussion and very random utube viewings, but all in all, it ended well.

Here is a pic of Jackson in his favorite passtime - having "no diaper time" at home in the evenings. :) Don't worry, i wiped the chair off with disinfectant wipees.

Hugs to you all - and a word to the wise - check with your guests before having them over to make sure they don't have any food aversions ok. :)